2013 new situation of Shanghai dragon should pay attention to what place

article, the chain is a lot of Shanghai dragon Er will be discussed, and a webmaster hand site, may be several or even dozens of. In front of so many sites, the update, the chain of nature is a very hard problem. So, many owners think the content is how fast the pseudo original content, even collected content updates. And outside chain construction, a large amount of fast do BBS signature and all kinds of non correlation chain.

, a station outside the chain to pay attention to the quality of the construction of regression correlation

According to can do the Shanghai Dragon

as a Shanghai dragon Er, should always maintain a high degree of attention to the search market, the latest search algorithm, so as to keep up with the pace of the troops. When the pace of innovation, walk in front of others will have a chance to succeed, in the market can only continue to be squeezed out of the market, finally in the edge.

two, pay more attention to love Shanghai Webmaster Platform

Wang Kaixin, with the launch of Webmaster Platform love Shanghai, Shanghai dragon Chinaz query tool, now appears more and more accurate and relevant website domain lags behind, even the website ranking, also have a certain delay, I guess this may be the love Shanghai data block, this leads to the occurrence of this situation. Therefore, we should use more love Shanghai Webmaster Platform later this tool, its function has been more and more powerful, the future of our Shanghai dragon direction will certainly play a better role in helping.

in 2013 under the new situation, it is clear that this move has gradually become obsolete, the future of this operation can improve the site weight to the role, will certainly be more and more low. We should go for the sake of users, users want to know the contents of the original content of the search engine love. The construction of the chain at the same time, it. Outside the chain of high quality construction, so as to make a good and lasting rankings.

from the beginning of June 2012, the search engine market varies greatly, constantly adjust the love Shanghai algorithm, 360 search turned out, and most recently, Sogou input method closure, search market is so wonderful raging like a storm. We as a webmaster, are injured in a time of change in the search market, got scorched by the flames, exhausted. Giants battle, we grassroots webmaster can not be changed, can not decide everything, only to adapt to the search engine changes later in the search market so as to better survival. Then, in 2013, the new situation of the Shanghai dragon should pay attention to what place do Shanghai Longfeng optimization ranking can be better? The author Wang Kaixin specially here summarized some experience, hope it will help in the confusion of the Shanghai dragon er.

three, active attention to search engine dynamic

four, in addition to what

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