Shanghai Longfeng novice must know website design of search engine friendly

, is the most important step. If the search engine spiders couldn’t find our website, the flow, ranking. Don’t ever think well. The search engine spider climb to your site in the search engine of your keywords will not find your site.

, is the second step. The search engine needs to grasp the website pretreatment. Analysis of your site’s theme, extracting useful Chinese. So, here we should pay attention to the distribution of the site keywords, title writing, and the title of the method and so on questions.


on the other hand, if you are a search engine spider, came to a website, how to meet what kind of problem, you will not hate, love

The first step of

so, you will think of us in the mind. What kind of website to design the website, the search engine is love, friendly web site

then, the first two steps for us is very important.

so we want to rank, it is not possible. So, if we want to overcome this, the chain is essential. But the chain home can not be less. Because only the search engine spiders to your site, behind the behavior of the grab can, not


so, how to make the website ranking better? We do Shanghai dragon, it is based on search engine optimization. So, the best way is to match up the natural. What kind of website search engine love, we will do what kind of website. They also sent

?The first step to solve the

want to understand this problem, we must know the working principle of the search engine spiders. The search engine work, the first step is to crawl, crawl, the second step is the preprocessing step is ranked third. For the third step search engine spiders, we can not participate, can not participate.

, we’ve talked about ‘spider trap’, this is no longer the analysis. If our site with these traps, is to prevent search engine spiders. Not crawling, will not grab site information included will have a problem.


only search engine spider to all ", there is a correlation between the extracted content, the website will be search engine that is friendly.

www.zaxyl贵族宝贝 A5 from the above point of view, first, please indicate the source. >

we do Shanghai dragon, is to make the website ranking better. Allow more users to see our website, so as to get some traffic. From these flows, we find the target users.

included, ranking is not affected by the

?Before the

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