Small business website how to optimize

web content and experience is an important



quality rather than quantity


station Shanghai dragon is a must, but not the

Through the establishment of

community to create word of mouthThrough the establishment of


(thin content) it is not helpful for the reader, the reader can’t make the investment, it must be able to cause the content of meaningful input. As a successful web site, you need to make the reader feel their content is very practical and very unique.

use content marketing to win the reverse link

. This matter should not only small and medium sized enterprises in Shanghai Longfeng should pay attention to, but all enterprises should pay attention to matters of Shanghai dragon.

The number of quality is better than

station Shanghai dragon is a must, but not enough. Mean light is hard to manage your web site, and the sound of their own website Shanghai dragon is not enough. Because it can not only take care of their own website, also must pay attention to "connectivity" with the outside world, such as interactive and social networking sites or is associated with other websites.

web content and experience is important. The author is saying, if you have a lot of content, but are Thin Content

use content marketing to win the link. Although the content marketing can attract links, but attracted flies (acquisition / Reprint) may be more than the tour, so you have to find a way to protect your original content.

, as you can with high-quality interactive links.

know your link state. The so-called reverse link refers to those sites that link to your site, to avoid the negative Shanghai dragon

you know the link state

community to create word of mouth. The author thinks that we should build community, as a link bait, but this seems not suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises, because the self built community, are not too many people visit, because many readers are just reading and not willing to express an opinion.

small and medium enterprises to promote Shanghai Longfeng, compared to large enterprises should be more natural things, because in general, Shanghai Longfeng long-term investment returns is higher than the general marketing, but because Shanghai dragon and other characteristics, small and medium-sized enterprises only want to Shanghai, but did not fully understand the advantages and issues to promote Shanghai the dragon should pay attention to, so often frustrated…


said although the content is not a skill, but the general attention, but also worthy of attention. We look at those matters of small and medium-sized enterprises in Shanghai should pay attention to the dragon.


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