Shanghai Longfeng optimize website home page ranking of non critical stability is the core

love search engine to provide guidance to our optimization method, we can easily draw a conclusion, that is to start from the basis, content from the website construction design, construction, construction of the chain, the chain optimization and so on many aspects of comprehensive optimization, can not simply use one method. For example, a lot of people know that content is king, the chain for the emperor, then give up the user experience of the website, the website structure, desperately engaged in the chain site and content construction, may in some respects, can have very good attraction to the love of spiders in Shanghai, but if too many unrealistic content, plus a lot of garbage outside the chain, and enhance the quality of what will bring to the site! The opposite will because of causing the site to flow jump favour one more than another, to enhance the rate of! To let love Shanghai on your site right down!

a lot of people in the optimization of the web site, often the user experience and search engine as a rival, to the user experience will be a clear-cut stand against the search engine, for this kind of thought, certainly not to the site optimization do either love Shanghai or Google and other search engines, now have a very high value of user behavior in website for example, users stay on the website of the time is shorter, the bounce rate is high, the weight of these sites will tend to decline, if the website can attract many loyal users, can let users willing to stay on the site, even if the site’s ranking is relatively low, then you will find in the next update this website rankings, very fast! Visible net > upgrade

two: optimization from the basics, persevere

: cheating is not available, the ranking came up again after the fall of

Now a lot of

in the website optimization, there is a misunderstanding, that is to your site optimization to the first page, and then began to think of Shanghai Longfeng optimization was successful, but after a period of time to find, the original ranking on the home page of the website, and imperceptibly slip back, so, in the aspects of optimizing website optimization to the home page is the most basic as much as possible, and the stability after the success of the ranking is the focus of the work, the following analysis of optimization of Shanghai Longfeng right!

According to the Shanghai

three: website optimization to the user experience as the center, the diversified development of ideas

in Shanghai dragon industry as everyone knows, optimization, there are two key points in the optimization ideas, a black box optimization method, a optimization method of white box, some people in the use of black box optimization, imperceptibly to cheat on the road, through a variety of cheating methods to quickly enhance website the rankings, such as the use of hidden text, hidden links, jump through, keyword stuffing and other methods to deceive the search engine, there may be many webmaster can realize the rapid increase in the ranking of pleasure, but when he put to the home page of the website ranking optimization, but found that the rankings are simply not able to update in a stable, love Shanghai, the website ranking again fell into the abyss!

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