Understand the site must master love Shanghai Three Musketeers



this is love Shanghai to share the data query, there are detailed below. The list details are shared. Last month, Shanghai officials have made it clear that the love love Shanghai installation share components can help websites faster by spiders to crawl the page.

here we carefully compared the love of Shanghai’s three webmaster tools.

love Shanghai "the Three Musketeers" webmaster tools, we find that love Shanghai query function is very comprehensive. The China flat-share network as an example, the Three Musketeers show specific trends and main contents of the query model.

love Shanghai to share the query, can well understand what social networking sites or the heat and the relevance of this site is high.

according to the latest situation, love Shanghai has opened the website chain query, and the upcoming launch of the whole network outside the chain of tools. Including the "hair cat" entry also launched a direct push content. I love Shanghai into a "commercial word auction, concept words of love, using word Shanghai application frame, quiz words and attributive words know is love Shanghai + website" era! Deceive love Shanghai in order to return the frequently injured small owners, finally opened the chain query tool.


this is the main tool of Shanghai show love may be included to show the number of pages of the search results page love Shanghai. With love in Shanghai included, but according to the official statement is included in the love of Shanghai, estimates that index is accurate value.

love love Shanghai Shanghai statistics is "the Three Musketeers" in the promotion of the most unfavorable, may be due to love Shanghai statistics >





this is the long-awaited YAHOO, after the authority of the chain query tool – chain query love Shanghai. But I found some problems. Shanghai love chain will sign as the chain, broke some before Shanghai Dragon said Er signature invalid formulation, but love Shanghai for many 404 and 500 pages still save, query term, chain number China flat-share as steady as Mount Tai network, Shanghai love chain update really snail


See list of

is the frequency and number of queries on the website of the Shanghai love spiders crawl. This tool can query to change the love of spiders in Shanghai favor station. (of course, for the virtual host the user, can also provide the query frequency of spider windowperfectly).


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