The snapshot does not change but included the increase of website optimization decide on what path t

for the love of Shanghai snapshot problem, I think many webmaster for this a lot of thought, make your site updated daily snapshot, here is not so easy, maybe love Shanghai snapshot with Google PR is similar to it, the original Google PR is so important for webmaster friends, now after the change of the algorithm, a how many webmaster has a soft spot for him? And love Shanghai is similar, we all love every day snapshot updates to the site, especially the Links, a new snapshot in exchange with the great weight, and now, whether others website snapshot immediately withdraw Links slightly stagnant? A problem it is worth the webmaster thinking.

SMS website updated although the amount is not much, but there is still a day to go with the new quantitative timing, but also included the effect is also very good, often less than 1 hours will be included to update a few articles, but also included the number of straight up, rising from 131 to 327 now, but the snapshot is still stuck in August 21st, and the logistics website every day update number 5 to 10, due to the large number of the station, so included is relatively large, from the last published article: "the website included from 300 to 7760 is not a leap after the thing" by chance came a big update, included also to large amplitude, leapt from 7760 to 18 thousand now, but the snapshot time is still in August 12th.

is the first SMS website:


second is the logistics website website:


Shanghai algorithm for the love of the myriads of changes 28 SMS network (www.28dx贵族宝贝/), think the webmaster friends or should perform their routine optimization of Shanghai dragon, in no more than eighty percent or so, don’t try the method and experience of others, take a hard optimization over the site has to be experimental, too have some courage and spirit of adventure, but not impulse.

for a web site of the Shanghai dragon optimization promotion, of course, cannot do without adhering to the two words, the station every day to update the contents, the release of the chain is the development to the site better, can make the website promotion weight, let the keywords have better ranking, but sometimes have to pay a lot, but didn’t see, even worse sometimes, perhaps this is the charm of search engine.

recently found a lot of website snapshot update snapshot is poor, even a lot of the site for several days is not updated, of course here that the site is some low weight site, high weight website general snapshot is updated every day, but found the site has been increased, which can explain the website is updated however, the snapshot time remains stagnant, the following two to show off their own web site:

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