Six methods of the owners to determine whether a site is down right

two, keywords ranking fell sharply

, a snapshot of stagnation a week at

three, the chain volume reduction of

site outside the chain volume reduced most likely to cause the site down the right, like a friend had a lot of people, suddenly most of my friends do not bird him, onlookers that this person would do what wicked things, caused the anger. The site outside the chain volume reduced, it is difficult to escape the fate of the site is down right, so, if the webmaster found between the site outside the chain of his night fell, then you should seriously deal with the next drop right event.

will not reduce the flow of It is without rhyme or reason. a website normally, this is mainly aimed at most of the flow from the search engine’s Web site, if the site some time ago can get 3 thousand traffic from search engine every day recently has been falling down to hundreds of traffic, is also the key ranking dropped, nature also can be reduced right will lead to the decline of the.

five, DOMAIN is not the first site for a week

if you are not drop right, then you can only be regarded as an entry-level webmaster, if the site is not drop right, then this site is not successful website. Even if you are afraid to drop right, but if you have not really experienced right down, then you will not understand the true meaning of website optimization, so the site is down right, owners should not regard it as a bad thing, with a positive attitude should take it as a time to hone their growth in the. For the reason of right down the site, whether novice webmaster or the old station have seen dozens of similar articles. Today I talk about how to determine the site webmaster preliminary accurate is right down:

four, website traffic and PV value reduced

At first the

when many webmasters see their website snapshot every two days not update, usually the next snapshot, will expect to be your site search engine drop right, in fact this is a misunderstanding, the site is down right, should be at least more than a week to snapshot as the reference standard, if more than one week the snapshot has not updated, naturally indicating the site is down right now, so don’t put the station within three days and will not update the snapshot right down pull hook, under normal circumstances, the website snapshot update speed is not more than seven days are normal. So, stop one day is not a webmaster to calm down the right.

learning website optimization when watching the most is this knowledge, many webmaster said keywords ranking drop is down the right, in fact, because the search engine algorithm update, the ranking often unstable is normal. For whether the site is down right, webmaster should look at the key words down speed, if ranked in the stable after a period of time and then decreased rapidly fall directly to See rankings, then analyze whether the drop right is reasonable, of course, the webmaster should wait two days, See rankings have come back, if not it right to be reduced.

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