Reflections on the Shanghai Massacre crazy love


believe that the webmaster friends will obviously found in the word search, the top three is basically a health quiz, love Shanghai encyclopedia, portal station. The Shanghai Encyclopedia of love was ranked in the top three, after all belong to love their products in Shanghai. Health station, portal stand this situation is a bit puzzled, look at this information, most of the information is a few months or even half a year ago. The original love Shanghai, the algorithm of the adjustment, the "storage" has long been the sudden release of information. Thus, the love of Shanghai is not entirely without this information, and temporarily stored in their cloud database, each big update will put out a part of the data.

Shanghai dragon the road has gone through so many decide on what path to follow, "blow". I believe a lot of Shanghai dragon Er is an Annaibuzhu, some people think that love Shanghai this several times of adjustment, Shanghai dragon road gradually to slim. But I do not.

since June 22nd, Shanghai will have no peace of love. Maybe you have the same feeling, and I love Shanghai in the afternoon of August 22nd, the official forum administrator announced that the new algorithm is expected to update 23. If less than a few minutes, It is as expected, the post hits more than 5000. The next day, believe that many webmaster friends did not feel the site changes, may be so relaxed. Contrary to expectation from 25 day is Saturday, obviously feel the site traffic dropped a lot, at this time I feel bad, something happened. So the habit of using the webmaster tools to check that the website weight changed from 2 to 1.


by the Shanghai love algorithm to adjust the thinking of


love Shanghai algorithm adjustment mainly for medical websites, most medical sites will be affected more or less. The lighter with it a few keywords ranking drop, the more serious the directly by drop right or K stand. The author of a medical site failed to survive in the update, in addition to the influence of several factors of good relationship with the search engine, does not exclude the manslaughter love Shanghai on a large amount of medical site "". How long to recover, many owners are still in doubt.

to check the website today, the word "Dongguan Modern Gynaecological Hospital" brand ranking also fell, in other words, Dongguan gynecological hospital Dongguan stream of people hospital also dropped to 100 outside. Suddenly, the heart pulling with the same twist. Don’t believe that hard to do stand up will become so, the heart has unwilling. Then, check the other website counterparts, that we are similar. Almost love Shanghai drop a weight, and search brand words are found in top-level domain. This point had never before seen, there seems to be thinking. Love Shanghai gourd how to sell what medicine is, it is also the standard to be adjusted according to the domain name? Suspicions……

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