The future if each station will be Shanghai dragon at the time the nternet is what

because of the spread and popularity of Shanghai dragon development now Shanghai dragon training, leading to the Internet now Shanghai dragon training institutions both emerge in an endless stream, dragons and fishes jumbled together, or do not have the ability, as long as their own forum, portal, or personal blog online to hang, then hang up their videos, then fix, I did not expect that your training is the Shanghai dragon, but their website ranking but do not know in the sea where the love! By people, such as soft, network promotion means to obtain the students.

then just above the transition of the future if each station will be Shanghai dragon at the time the Internet is what "to this topic describes the background, then I will make this topic to the topic of future reasoning.

1 Shanghai dragon early stage

this stage should be we now few will Shanghai Longfeng stage, with the increase of Shanghai dragon training institutions, so students will increase Shanghai dragon, then Shanghai dragon elite is also on the increase, but even the novice website, domain name these concepts are not understood, then in Shanghai Longfeng knowledge learning no, a few years of experience to become Shanghai Shanghai dragon, dragon master as can be imagined.


conjectureNow the

2 Shanghai dragon development stage

The future of the

according to the development trend, if the future of Shanghai dragon spread to the people of Shanghai Longfeng, each station has done.

3 Shanghai dragon stage

Shanghai Dragon technology is certainly different, the strength of the organization to help people succeed in business, but no power can only be misleading, learn black risk, caused by a K or ranking does not go on, only to teach, not to teach Shanghai dragon thinking or network marketing, so there is no light rank transformation, no that is the tragedy of the money. So the most important teacher.

claims that "fast internal ranking, Shanghai dragon software sharing, without any network infrastructure, as long as the Shanghai dragon, in the eyes of the novice do not know what is called the Shanghai dragon, in the use of Taobao customer examples, see ranking, look at the background of income, so you have been tempted to say these are not all negative, said Shanghai Longfeng training institutions, just cheat those institutions did not have the strength, to learn the real Shanghai dragon depends their reputation and their website ranking, this is the real choice of learning.

has been in the past at this stage, but at that time, the search engine is not very perfect, so Shanghai Longfeng work is very simple, then some people will study these search engines back or bug, and then through the stack keywords, hidden text, etc. the cheating can quickly obtain rankings, almost 2 days or even a few you can see the effect of ranking hours. But the search engine is constantly improving, constantly adjust the algorithm, as can be imagined, that sooner or later be eliminated.

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