Shanghai Longfeng original road how to provide users with valuable information


but it is because of these different approaches, let the little fish think again, love Shanghai recently frequent update algorithm are around the "original" in this topic. However, love Shanghai advocate the original practice of the ultimate aim is to provide users with valuable information. Then, the original Shanghai Longfeng Road: how to provide users with valuable information? The little fish to share with you a little bit of their own views:

1. valuable information: News timeliness, novel, focusing on the title to write


(as shown below) presumably concern love Shanghai algorithm for friends, the figure of the "20 hours", "2 hours ago" have been aware of this, do not discuss. However, it is because of this, the little fish touzhuoyue. The two logo article reprint with the copyright notice, without identification must delete link. Small fish feel love Shanghai’s recent original origin algorithm must slowly improve, we expect. At the same time, it also tells us how to create valuable user information:

and small fish by clicking the check, found that some friends took the little fish with the copyright statement (thanks); of course there are friends to delete the link; some students, the title and content of modified pseudo original after issued. In this regard, small fish is not what comments, after all, as the saying goes "big woods, what birds are" Oh! A joke, don’t take any ironic remarks.

"love Shanghai search" Shanghai dragon "appeared on the Japanese website" this article is small fish has been concerned about the Shanghai dragon the ranking summary some thoughts to share. It is now timely to capture many people’s attention, but did not think of speech to share things; it is no longer just around the new Shanghai dragon basic knowledge to expand the discussion, but the results of practical knowledge; and the whole paper is just around the title to comment, let users feel the reading of the article is the best interpretation of the the title of the.

Internet is a need to communicate, share on platform. So, I think it is not to reprint information for the development of the site is not good, as long as you reprint is related to your website, can provide valuable information for the user, I think the search engine.

(1) reprint content delete link and retain links with

2. valuable information: love Shanghai original algorithm begins slowly to carry out

yesterday, the little fish to share an article "love Shanghai" Shanghai dragon "search thoughts on Japanese web site launched on A5". This morning, Shanghai direct search through love the original title, the little fish are very pleased, many of my friends and share the results of attention to small fish labor.

who is more significance?

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