Site drainage proper use of promotion tools is very important

now I’d like to give you a few examples for everyone, for reference.

It is very important for

mail promotion, mail promotion effect is more of our news spread out. By looking for the accurate user mailbox, send them information, so that they know that we provide relevant services for them. Because mail needs some non use, so in the process of pre collection of mail must be accurate. This requires us to have a good analysis of the website users, we understand website user behavior. Then according to their habit of collecting their mailbox information. Take the talent website, the same area competition website users must be our users, we > the mailbox.

first of all, we need to be sure that the network promotion way will play a certain role. Before use, we need to understand these tools used in the process, some small skills should pay attention to the. For example, in the original article, how to write can search engine love, how many words in the first paragraph should appear; doing bulk mail, content template to do, to a greater degree to send mail to a higher success rate, or the probability of sending mail inbox and non spam more. This is all we need to advance the learning content. When we let this part of the contents of master, should from the function and role of different promotional media to make a reasonable plan.

QQ group from the role, the user group is more accurate. Need to explain here, this place said QQ group, non QQ group software directly to the strange QQ group message, as far as I know, this effect is not very good. According to our habits, to send advertising messages in the QQ group, few people will go to see. This place is self built QQ group said QQ group, QQ group more is to solve the user management and real-time message push in question. The correct use of QQ group to form precise management of the user, we can also have the award form, we invited users to help promote our website, as long as we add the user base, are related to the needs and understanding. Through their website promotion, believe the conversion rate will be higher.

said that the website promotion and flow, when it comes to promotion methods, we can say a lot. For example, search engine optimization, email marketing, QQ group promotion, Forum promotion etc.. Moreover, we also think that their analysis is very reasonable, but when we practice personally, to do the promotion, the effect is not so obvious. This will inevitably lead to our thinking, what the problem what place.

website operation promotion, especially in the early development of the website, more obvious. After all, the site, traffic is small, does not have a huge pressure on the website and server program, and the website can survive and develop the core flow and the user will fall. The operation flow, and users, play a guiding role in the non flow is.


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