Shanghai dragon er must see how to set up the chain of your A5 Dynasty

A5 webmaster and I believe that as long as you know is a webmaster, it can be said to be the leader of the stationmaster net, the weight is very high, of course, the content of the site quality is very high, many people believe that Shanghai dragon er from here have learned a lot of knowledge, so we should how clever use A5 to build your chain of dynasty? You actually contribute to the A5, I believe we all know this, but you may have put into action, but was abandoned by A5. So what can easily be passed? Here is a summary of the points, you may wish to look at.



remember that your contribution is not only in the increase of the chain website, also prove their abilities, if you just look for submission of the paste, and the format of the document is in a complete mess, I do not say, only the administrator that one you can’t get, and certainly not to let others see the administrator, there is no effort to help you organize your format, so this note. Small Zhai to prove me how to set up the chain of your Dynasty with an example with A5.

is now love Shanghai more and more on the website’s content quality, but the chain is still a key cannot be ignored, it’s like no matter how strong your country, you still need to strengthen their own diplomacy in the world influence, behind closed doors someday be beyond the others. So is the optimization of the site, regardless of your content is good, if not for the construction of the chain, then your ranking someday will fall. Zhai Jiulai today to share with you how to use A5 to set up the chain of your dynasty.

above is I in a draft A5 vote yesterday. Is approved after a day of love Shanghai, with so many websites, and many of them are high weight website. The equivalent of an article automatically generated numerous outside the chain, the chain to have powerful than posting machine. The main delay you little time.


three, article submission form arrangement.

a person in any industry must have their own ideas, constantly thinking summary, Shanghai Longfeng industry, through continuous thinking and comparison, Shanghai dragon you will break the bottleneck level one by one, when you write the Shanghai dragon article, article of course, I do not say quality.

The Two, the quality of

, one of the original.


of the original it is to write your own, copy others is always a step behind the others, each person’s thinking is not the same, to describe something about using your own words, this is the real original, is your own. Of course, this is also a manifestation of our ability. Compare the value of A5.

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