Prohibit the sale of nobility baby link PageRank with common examples of violations


in order to solve this problem, please confirm your site without any transfer of PageRank paid links. You can remove any paid links or soft advertising pages, or confirm any paid links with rel= "nofollow" attribute. In the confirmation link without paying PageRank on your website, you can submit application for review. If your site has been treated as a violation of noble baby quality guidelines, there will be a noble baby staff to be responsible for reviewing your application. When your application is the assessment, you will receive notice to inform you whether through the review.


not long ago love Shanghai has updated the Scindapsus algorithm for link this link, let intermediary transactions and trading links to sites of shock, recently again for the sale of noble baby official links to pass PR issued the following phenomenon, as the official notification:

on this issue very seriously, so we recommend that you do not sell (and buy) transfer links to PageRank, in order to prevent the loss of nobility baby trust in Google toolbar was reduced PageR>

on the sale of links to pass PageRank

Webmaster Tools received on your website in the sale of links warning, you will see the notice to let you go to find your site may exist to manipulate PageRank artificial or unnatural links". This shows that your site has lost the trust of noble baby index.

PR has previously been an indicator of webmaster concern before, and thus also spawned a huge link to the interests of the chain, so that even a large portal for additional benefits are also added to the link trading industry, until now still can see a lot of news portals are selling links, some to buy keywords the chain to the rankings, it is through the purchase of this link to enhance the PR, but in recent years, Google has a strong blow to this kind of phenomenon is obvious, the most obvious is to give this website PR to reduce the punishment.

when people contact you to express a desire to purchase the sites you link or soft advertising page, please be vigilant. The sale of links (or embedded links to pass PageRank soft article) in violation of our quality guidelines, and the baby will take on such noble behavior. As a consequence, the sale of the website links will lose the trust of noble baby search, and display the nobility baby PageRank in the toolbar will be reduced. The sale of links is also possible in the noble baby search results ranking is reduced.

If you are in the

these years nobility baby has been stressed, through the sale of links to pass PageRank violated our webmaster guidelines for quality. We regularly reaffirmed this principle, in order to remind the webmaster who can remember this policy.

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