Shanghai dragon Er how to overcome laziness to spur themselves

laziness. I think that everyone should have, but some people still persist, and some people insist on not down, this is what some people do well, and some people do well, careful thought, sometimes I belong to that kind of person, always looking for a variety of reasons to shirk. When you see the ranking drop down, what is the first thing you do, a lot of people are likely to find himself on the causes, included is not good, the chain distribution is not good, then with the past. Is not good to do some analysis, where you do well, your website is not a good reason is what, what is the reason of the chain is not good, what areas need to improve, the chain does not do well, is not to change your thinking, go to other places to do. Then, mind, forget it, don’t do today, tomorrow, the careful analysis to spend a little time.

first, because this on our site is not what substantial help, I love to study the rapid rise of the website is how to row in front of it to the outside of the chain, then go to study it, it included within the site, if a sudden increase, whether the chain also several times growth. It is the chain where do, we can do it, then look at the growth of the chain, since it changed the home chain >

just read an article very touching, as a Shanghai dragon Er, you reflect where the value in the end, is superior to the other employees where you will know, in addition to the station, where there is a ranking technique needs to be improved. Every time I see share article will ask myself what in my heart, where there is not enough good. Below I summarize my doing a little touched Shanghai dragon in the process of Er, but also for the vast number of defects may often encounter.

then this goes on the morning of the second day, and the Ma said: Night thousands of road, morning walk the road. At that time, think good, should do it immediately. We have to overcome this psychological laziness will start immediately. Take this ranking for example, analyzes their causes, should not then competitors from the above to find the reason, why my ranking fell, why the other station to the front, in fact, a record is the best way to do, the daily ranking is how to change, one day you will inadvertently found that many station suddenly ran in front of your fingertips up and go, but this time, you are still curious, this station, what seems to have been not to see it.

Don’t put the

in fact, for these things, it is only a few fingers moving things, every morning I will go to search the first one or two page ranking, the specific circumstances in mind, if you don’t remember, can also copy the screen, generally record daily. Then a week, do a summary. Look at the competition which have changed, the others fell, what is the situation. Others ranked up, what is the reason.

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