On a grass roots of Shanghai Dragon Road


indeed, 2013 Shanghai dragon is one of a year of ups and downs, from the first half of 2013 love Shanghai Webmaster Platform Update 2 announcement that algorithm is not ugly, love in Shanghai to strengthen the site for users to enhance the user experience, the experience is not good right down the site, and the chain for the website optimization ranking. So, the quality of website content naturally become the focus of internal site optimization, and the soft has become to set up a website external links to the priority among priorities.

recently after a talk and think of the webmaster friends let me think deeply about, sometimes when their own ideas into a bottleneck, you should stop trying to break the bottleneck.

year later, the 2013 is in the past, the new year is about to begin. Think from the beginning to do a website for almost two years, although the period also gave up, but eventually returned to the grassroots ranks, looking back to the past year, are now looking at their website ranking, I have to say that Shanghai dragon is just a look at the results, do not look at the process of the work, as long as the last the result is unsatisfactory, the previous efforts are wasted. In fact, I just rely on their own way out of the experience of mixing up the rookie, I don’t know myself no matter how hard, but what are not, what to do? Now for the Shanghai dragon, I really very weak. To do so for a long time, every time the normal news updates and the chain, but the rankings are fixed in place on the go. I don’t know what this is? I used the wrong way, or I didn’t work hard enough. The ranking is not up, it is difficult for me to explain myself.

chain, the chain this year is mainly by registered post in the forum post, at the same time, and links to your web site and Sina blog in the form of two blog post, this method is most used in Shanghai Longfeng, dozens of links to some companies send a message to bring their own the company, this approach is actually a double-edged sword, not only their own messages by love may be Shanghai that is a waste of the chain, may also lead to this forum is right down. This is why many sites do not allow add hyperlinks. So I’m going to the chain of soft paper mainly next year, a good, if >

in order to improve the quality of website content, original content is beyond doubt, but for Shanghai Longfeng original article source, this is a problem of no ground for blame, headache for me. My writing is not good, it can not write what good things out, a good original article whether it is in terms of speed, ranking ranking or keep time, is far better than reproduced many. Of course, online copy of the articles and their pseudo original can also be included, but often is not ranked in a few pages or even dozens of pages, pseudo original general ranking is the beginning of good, but soon fell down, this should also is the original and pseudo original most important difference. So the original article is the priority among priorities in my next year.

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