What is the website optimization content is king


high quality content must first meet the search engine spiders taste, want to know the search engine’s goal is to provide users with useful information, and not to let you website customers, only your website provides more practical content in this area and to search engine goal to reach a consensus, original content page is to accelerate your page contains the brunt of elements, many webmaster site launched one or two months included in the site are scanty, I think you will feel a headache for the web site. The lack of original content is one of the main reasons for the lack of your website, a reprint and copy as the main means of representing the content of the site of words is of no value to the search engine. This page will only aggravate the burden of the search engine, so the search engines don’t include the junk information page.

in each big forum the Shanghai dragon website, we often see the "content is king, the chain for the emperor," we are not on the words the definition is not very clear. In fact, here said the content refers to our webmaster high quality original content, this is not your collection or reprint articles oh. Today to introduce you. Why is the king of


first thing to say is that content is king, the link for the emperor, that most of the webmaster is engaged in Shanghai dragon to the views of the. The reason about this definition in fact there are a lot of weight level is best understood from the search engine algorithm and give news web site outside of the chain. You know a new web site, the site after the line is mainly a good correlation between the chain, the sites have a certain ranking can do content, enhance the user experience of the website and so on. This shows that the site early on the chain, in the late on the content. For most of the webmaster, technology and key points of construction of the two is Shanghai dragon must master the. An experienced Shanghai dragon may for the master control in place, but the content and scope of the high quality of the chain it is often beyond the ordinary Shanghai dragon, often can not be met. The Internet is just like a stone thrown into the lake can Mottaki information platform, but it. You can find in the Internet era we live now, is really useful for users of information accounted for part of the very small, now online plagiarism, copy the contents and so on too much. The original is less.

the truth plainly we all understand, but in practice it is quite confused, we spent a lot of time and energy to do original really worth it? Tell you how to do the general small site of Shanghai Longfeng content strategy here Xiaobian it! Is the first step in your small website page to do the text, in more than 50 characters, then you have the user comments, it can mobilize the enthusiasm of users, to know the website user contributed >

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