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Za said: "the website optimization work can not be done too full, it will also cause the attention of the search engine, which is so perfect?" as you believe, I believed anyway!

finished an article in Shanghai Longfeng friends of their first check, the statement is fluent, there exist typos and so on……


found 5, users are most concerned about: your article is around the keywords, and the statement is smooth, but the long tail keywords is also relatively broad, and you say things are not of concern to most users, so the significance is not large, the bounce rate is not low.

also stressed that before the user’s browsing habits from left to right, top to bottom, so the long tail keywords appear in the left and right also accounted for a certain proportion, this is from the article page to think.

The correlation between Readability of

long tail keywords in the future will be a core area of Shanghai dragon optimization rankings, before I have an article about this problem, and today I am going to share with you how to do the long tail keywords ranking is the correct and effective

long tail keywords ranking optimization five:

, the 2 page long tail keywords Title: this had to say, because of the long tail word of each industry has a lot of peers do, and we do not only depend on the weight of the site itself, but also pay attention to the title of the attraction, we do the title is not more than anyone else to attract users click, accounted for a very important factor, what is not the long tail keywords, I how to write, not that a little difference, not to attract users, let alone click.

content: 4, I say you are right, but not even read, not read, that this page will have a good user experience? I don’t know how much is the user experience, the bounce rate of

1, the long tail keywords layout: if you want to have a long tail keywords ranking, we should do a good job in the layout of the long tail keywords premise, also is the key of the positioning and analysis, the research to these keywords, long tail keywords do a layout, at least one profile came out, when you write later the purpose of the change.

3, the title and content: do not do in order to keywords ranking, that can only be counterproductive. What is the title of speaking, content is up to the title to write, the words had not the place, don’t place keywords to deliberate, many might be considered excessive optimization, is not good for the whole website.

a good article, not only to identify the long tail word has correlation, sentence, the title of the attraction, but also know where most users search keywords the most attention? Instead of blindly around the theme of writing. >

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