On the website of Shanghai Longfeng situation how to edit the site information

2, information release number


2, pay attention to products on the lower reaches


3, information release time




a lot of website information is not grab included many reasons is low correlation with the title of the article, the article introduce almost no mention with the title related content, namely the entire web page keyword density is too low, the general area of reasonable keyword density control 3%-8%. You can enter the "keyword density" in the search engine, there are a lot of websites or query tools, as follows:

If we

4, the original information need, avoid direct copy or reprint

two, how to better carry out the information of the original


." cited in the box in the search engine


buy agricultural machinery, we in addition to the corresponding information on the editing of agricultural machinery, large environment and farmers on the upstream of his supply of raw materials, agriculture.

, editor of website information problems which

for their products have edited a lot of articles or information, to a resource depletion period, we may wish to pay attention to our products in the downstream as well as some information our potential customers.

, jiedongfeng opportunelyReprint and copy

directly is difficult to be included in the crawl, we can go to the related website or love Shanghai news and other places to consult with reading, then combined with their own ideas to those of the content to write. At the same time that each carry a description information of the picture, this can enhance the reading of.

fixed a time release, I used the daily 16 PM release, generally second days included grab, you can through the search engine to access the snapshot number, how to access the corresponding snapshot number? As shown below, enter "site:


website information add frequency appropriate? Xiaobian experience is small business website 2-3 information can be released one day. The following screenshot of the news release number:

website administrators often encounter website information, how search engines are not included? What causes it? In addition, the original articles to be included and crawl, so how to more effectively to the original? For more than a few problems with my personal experience to share with some methods skill.

1, keyword density

this point without much probability like the original article was collected are large, the biggest problem is how to write so many original articles

For example: a

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