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here I also certainly want to save money for everyone, but the fundamental problem is that most enterprises choose the server is not reasonable, and the construction site at the beginning of the cost savings and the choice of poorscalability server, cause even if we upgrade the existing server, its performance is still not enough strength. At this point, you will need to purchase with the server, there are a lot of skills for server purchase, here briefly recommended, if the user group is the domestic well-known server is recommended to choose suppliers, if customers all over the world, we can choose the Hongkong server or servers in the United States, in addition, more importantly to make a reasonable choice according to the characteristics of their industry.

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is not completed the upgrade of the server, or the purchase of a new server, we must carry on the optimization, so as to enhance the service.

website optimization personnel all know by page optimization to improve access speed, after you have completed the optimization operation, found no what big improvement, then you should go to ponder whether other factors lead to the slow access speed. For example: the decrease in the long-term use of server performance, in order to protect the business is not affected, you should probably be upgrading and optimization of the server is in use.

website operation, website access speed is the most important part, it is the most basic one website friendly experience, if the visit experience is not satisfactory, then the marketing mode later do may be futile, because the choice of the cost of network passenger households is very low, coupled with the general customers patience is not high, the page access for more than 6 seconds the customer will choose to leave, which for some traffic is not high corporate website is undoubtedly one disaster after another. Site access speed is so important, today I also want to share a few methods about ascension speed experience with you, although there are a lot of articles and views similar to the Internet, but most of them are within the site to resolve, today I want to talk about how to optimize the server from a web server to enhance web access speed.


server upgrade, to consider various issues, is to upgrade the existing server or server to purchase new equipment must be according to the actual situation of choice. First, upgrade the existing server equipment, general web site operators to later with the increase of business, the development of multi platform application for server performance requirements are also gradually improve, long time server encountered bottleneck is the reason, for this case, we can upgrade the server (such as adding hardware or network bandwidth) and other related configuration to meet the expanding needs of the business, then the server bottleneck problem can be solved. Come to talk about the purchase of new servers, one might ask why to re purchase, upgrade existing servers can not

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