How to use a blog to achieve 4 thousand keywords ranking

keywords ranking, containing the keyword content will be ranked, but the possibility of ranking is very few, why, for example, competition keywords is not suitable for you to meet the demand for new problems, well, we first find less competition, a large quantity of keyword search. So to sum up, we need to master the key words there are two core points, the first likely ranked second, demand.

every one of my articles are written according to the key words, this writing has two advantages, the first is likely to rank (at least the target keyword. If the words are not, what do you want to go to what rank?), second (demand for these keywords are searched in the love of Shanghai, the competition website, Sogou, good ship platform, some people search these keywords, on these platforms, then there is no doubt that these words are all the needs of).

The second is whether it is possible to


some time ago in my article published a keyword data so many bloggers feel good, and I expect to find you a blog about this topic, do rankings of 4000 key words. Today in the form of, take what I did on the 4000 keyword ranking techniques to you say.

talked about the mastery of the keyword search volume, less competition, people began to question the value, actually a lot of keyword search volume and less competition, especially in the webmaster circle, there are a lot of index keywords, basically no home competition, and the competition is still relatively small, for example, some time ago I wrote "viscosity is the future of marketing network marketing trends", this article is "keywords viscosity marketing", then write the article after the release, the words of my article occupy 5 position. This word has almost no search volume, probably 1 days a person search, may also be a few days a personal search for new sites, but if one day, Many a little make a mickle.. 10 such words, a month 300, on average, one day there are hundreds.



in order not to let you misunderstand that I pretend to explain, the key word here is Webmaster Platform keywords love Shanghai, the day has show, but does not represent the keyword index, some keyword search volume but no data in Shanghai love index inside, so with love station tools or webmaster is not out of the query.

control of the two problems, there is a demand that someone, someone to see at least some value, no value of things, who, like the "a picture of the marketing force" there is no need for it, of course, there is a demand, a lot of people want to learn image marketing, but there is no target keywords it is certainly not, judging from the title, whether it is "marketing", "pictures", "a" and "force" keyword ranking likely is 0%, so from the ranking perspective, this article is not reliable.

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