Love Shanghai phoenix nest promotion how very careful in reckoning


love Shanghai phoenix nest to promote the development of business now, its operation process, the principle has been more and more clear, it is long term, quality, every time the keyword price control, but the light by artificial operation impossible, especially the key period of price control, so the market about love Shanghai keyword PPC software came into being. On the market for this kind of software to determine your dragons and fishes jumbled together, one can go to trial, in general, their function is divided into two parts:


is a way for you to set Keywords: fast auction the highest price, it can achieve rapid quotation you want to rank, but this way is rough, you want to reach the target location the cost will be relatively large, but fast.

because there are a lot of love Shanghai auction peer malicious clicks, resulting in promotional advertising is wasted, especially serious in the relatively high price of key medical industry problems. The function of each software company shielding in different ways, most of them are based on IP or machine code judgment per second click advertisement several times to lock, or within a few days a few clicks. The measures taken include the other computer found warning issued by the Trojans, blue or computer crashes and so on each other. Personally feel that this function can only be used as a reference, can not completely trust it, after all, if want to click on malicious peers can come up with many methods, such as flow through the alliance software, a broiler computer a IP within a few days just click on a second, it is impossible to guard against, can only reference to treat.

core area of price adjustmentThe core area of shielding area

in second ways: the system can accurately auction to 0.1 yuan for the unit price for your price, until you reach your goal ranking, this way is fine, but you can control the price is very good, but slower.

third way to follow the auction: that you lock a business, it has always been at the front or rear, if you find peers do SEM do better so, better.

love Shanghai promotion has been let merchants of love and hate, a love about Shanghai Chinese search engine market 70%, rapid decline in hand for each day in Shanghai account the cost of headache. How to love Shanghai account very careful in reckoning consumption, and can achieve the purpose of promoting our

software are all bidding on how to price this one, it can replace the manual by the second time constantly adjust the bidding, so as to achieve the ranking you want. It is divided into three ways.

2, click on the malicious

believes that through the above analysis, we will have a clearer understanding of this kind of software, but it has a fatal weakness. Love Shanghai background control each account is IP, regardless of the computer, second only up to 4 times the price adjustment, if more than one second, you have to stop. Each word.

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