mprove the site rankings a few simple questions

Google will index 301 and 302 redirect URL, if still exists on the page, and the webmaster tools, clear the use Noindex meta tag; if the page does not exist, do the URL removal request, and use the robots.txt index to keep it.

2, StartupCity is the internal links send mixed signals in

idealThe adverse impact of

in order to eliminate and reduce the redirection chain, Shanghai dragon optimization experience worker told we must Ayima by using new tools to check the redirect page by page to check on the chain; redirect head position is more intense, the use of URL Valet; set to use another way to check redirect.

for Shanghai dragon optimization workers, to solve these problems will ultimately affect the optimization effect of Shanghai dragon.

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as front shows that the content of your site as possible using a local version of any point ", it always keep updating your internal links.

target "problems such as: the IP address is not solved, or internal link or redirect the large chain stores, they pointed out that there are some problems in the process of the internal page.

1, what is the ultimate URL

redirect path?

2, NOINDEX, robots.txt. Delete the request, or permanent access to a deindexed

is the natural optimization workers put the first question, what is the end of the path through the URL redirect? Shanghai dragon optimization experience can be drawn, which is composed of 301 or 302 redirection redirection, experience tells us no matter what the link, it is not the best thing in the world, so it will cause the index of strange.

1, reduce and eliminate the redirect link

3, a shortened URL index of enlightenment

website owners should follow is:

3, update your website internal link

redirection itself does not interfere with the index, Google has never been sure they don’t index 301 or 302, their condition is certain, they may index 302 temporary redirect, but it didn’t find anything that Google can index 301 permanent redirection, so it shortened. What can be the meaning of this index.

Some of the best practices of

you should always within your URL link to the current version, because it makes your website open speed is very fast, it can be prevented in the future to allow by redirecting through external links or bookmarks get more internal links signal. Sometimes the internal links to web pages, then 301 can be mixed signal transmission.

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