The website is k to analysis the cause of restoration

after we had updated to reduce the amount of fixed, control the quality, adhere to a month in August 13th and Zhengzhou group purchase network restoration included and ranking is better than ever before, there is no website after the keyword ranking contains many keywords are ranked in the top two. The analysis of reasons to restore the site:

site is K Baidu zenga in Shanghai love webmaster forum released the announcement said that the punishment without pseudo original and original website, we in the next work to strictly control the quality of the original website article, guarantee.

When we complain about

operation of the Zhengzhou network group purchase is a home building materials industry group purchase websites, as well as more than 50 depend on the industry group purchase website customer sites, these sites with a server and a IP address. Optimization of our staff to a total of more than 30 people, around June 10th in the leadership of the request shall not have we increased efforts to update the website, each web site is updated by the two articles had increased to 20, the article is plagiarism. And in June 28th most of the websites are K server, K is not a long time nobody’s website.

two, increase the original article

as a web site operator, we are not concerned about every hour and moment web traffic flow determines that a web site can survive long. As the largest search engine – love Shanghai has become the focus of attention of the web site operators, the station in China Baidu IT peak woman is undoubtedly many webmaster heart goddess, people love her, hate her, but is Baidu is no ground for blame China numerous website traffic sources.

, a stable update

in Baidu ruthless we also need to find from their own problems, because we depend on love Shanghai to survive, so we must learn to adapt to the Baidu face, unless we are Taobao, Sohu, Tencent. Otherwise we have to compromise as Baidu.

After the

K station in Shanghai, in addition to love we update the quantity and quality control of the content of the web site outside the not too much to do other rescue measures.




Baidu as the maximum amount of data in the search engine company, she in order to improve the user experience in the evolving and updating algorithm, updated every time the algorithm will have a happy people worry, ranking disappear site was K, the webmaster began to complain about the curse Baidu, Baidu proud, and this makes a lot of her pride I hate people including, but we complain and curse not cause her no attention.

three, love Shanghai complaints

love the sea K Zhengzhou station group purchase network update is very unstable, sometimes one day dozens of articles, sometimes hundreds a day, in K we stabilize the number of website updated every day, and ensure that the various sections of the update.

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