How do the inside pages of long tail keywords optimization

to do the work of Shanghai Dragon 3 years, first to work in Shanghai dragon, also has its own website. Not to mention how outstanding, but more or less some of their own experience. Perhaps these have others, perhaps not, anyway, for friends can refer to the operation of my.


say this, because I found a lot of people a long tail keywords corresponding to a few pages, which easily lead to weight dispersion, thereby increasing the difficulty of their ranking.


because some pages will rarely be spiders crawl to crawl, so we can do some web pages to enhance the scope of crawling spiders (here can also play a certain effect in the station, here to talk about the reasons for the chain) special page than ordinary page weight high, 1, page 2 and the relative rich in content; the scope is wider; 3, long time stay in the home; 4, to introduce IP, so as to enhance the PV of the page.

, two station anchor text keywords

may say is a bit confusing, general is four headings. The article consists of ZTE v967s rm-607 贵族宝贝 feeds, please respect the original.

four, using the special page

three, corresponding to the contentThe

, a long tail keywords and corresponding

the love Shanghai algorithm after several times changed, but anyway, I don’t think these operation methods are summarized as means of cheating. The following is the specific operation:

of this very profound experience of their own web site. First of all for the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform inside of the article, the author has always insisted on their own original writing, to improve website ranking. However, due to the original writing, updated daily volume is very limited, which leads to the total weight not high, difficult present situation of long tail keywords. And then transferred to the pseudo original, increase the update quantity, long tail keywords ranking began to turn for the better, the site itself weight is also improved. (PS: the update may seriously affect the keywords ranking, at least need to reach a certain amount, the website will be accepted the love of Shanghai)

I have done a test, in the index almost between the two competition is almost the long tail keywords station anchor text comparison, results do long tail keywords station anchor text ranking will be better. (PS: I guess this is the guide of the page more spider crawling results)

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