Personal site advertising money to pay attention to the place

as the saying goes, don’t put all your egg in one basket, told that people should pay attention to dispersing risks, once the accident, not the end. Personal Adsense money, mostly to make money through advertising, so people are always on the website on several different advertising alliance advertising, the purpose is to get more revenue, but need to vote in the advertisement pay attention to some problems.

personal website if only rely on advertising to make money, in order to earn more money, more on several union advertising has no ground for blame. Of course, to choose a good reputation of the advertising alliance, the maximum of 3 ads on each page can be. If the advertising content on the site too much, it will not only affect the speed of the site and beautiful, more important is to affect visitors first impression of your site, don’t let people see that your personal website is an advertising station. Oh, of course, there are special advertising sites.

personal website is to make money by selling products, if your website is selling their products, especially pay attention to in the advertisement, if the competitor’s advertising ads on your site, your site is to attract customers away, it may be The loss outweighs the gain..

It is worth mentioning that

do not advertise those walking a fine line, some advertising alliance in order to increase the income of the advertisement, with some full of provocative and seductive pictures and text. Now the country to punish Internet vulgar wind, put this kind of advertising is not asking for trouble, what is more, there may be up to pin. We Chinese remember an old saying "gentleman loves money, in a proper way".

I would like to learn

new website and common exchanges, finally I wish the individual webmaster friends are safe and healthy, personal website Dangdang to make money.

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