Tmall mobile phone online 48 hours customer service to solve the dispute


] January 12th news billion state power network, the latest learned billion state power network, the day before, Tmall launched a beta customer service fast processing in the mobile phone side, try to solve the problem of customer service in 48 hours.



mobile phone "customer service without" beta

said Tmall, Tmall users to participate in closed beta, in the purchase of a "exclusive service" LOGO after the goods to the seller, if for 48 hours can apply for a refund unsuccessful, by Tmall to intervene to solve the dispute, Tmall will be given within 48 hours of solution.

it is worth noting that the beta activity for the mobile phone end exclusive, to a certain extent for the mobile phone end diversion, highlights the importance of Tmall mobile terminal.

According to

billion state power network to understand, the beta "customer service without", Tmall 2015 consumer experience to upgrade the "three magic weapons", aimed at rapid processing of customer service, customer service service to shorten the user waiting time.

previously, Tmall involved in the sale of electrical appliances is limited to the city orders, and the fastest for 3 days. Tmall also has rapid refund terms ranging from credit according to different grade of membership by Tmall advance and rapid advance refund amount up to 500 yuan.

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