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double eleven coming, Jingdong home ushered in the latest revision, Jingdong companies buy enterprise member day activities become an important event in the revised Jingdong home page. As a member of a series of important interests of enterprise members, corporate member day boarded the Jingdong home page, received great attention to the enterprise market.


home new revision, fun purchasing

Jingdong enterprise purchase for the government, enterprises and institutions, by the professional sales team to provide a variety of customized procurement solutions. But in 2014 the Jingdong enterprise on-line channels, more direct entrance provide many kinds of services for enterprises, according to the different needs of different enterprises, to provide solutions for the enterprise, solve the enterprise procurement information asymmetry between supply and demand, multi parity difficult, the same product with different price, purchasing data complexity, the electricity supplier will purchase work simple data, cumbersome, transparent, efficient, wide praise enterprise.

with the roots of corporate purchasing market Jingdong, enterprise channel update, provide a richer product category for the enterprise procurement, increase the supermarket, department stores, office furniture, automotive supplies, hardware, electrical and other categories, and adjusted for the page structure, add more products and promotions pit, greatly increased enterprise channel is not limited to the scope of services, business office supplies category, providing better service life, entertainment and other aspects of business, to meet the full range of enterprise purchasing demand.

offers a lot of fun surprises members, stop to enjoy the

October 27th, Jingdong ushered in the first large-scale member day activities. Registered Jingdong account business users will have the opportunity to get 500 Beijing beans; October 25th -11 month 15 days, millions of coupons limited receive daily, collar, collar, Jingdong can buy mall import whole category of goods (seckill products, special products except). The members of the enterprise day activities, will allow the interests of corporate members to maximize..

meets the customer needs of different enterprises, Jingdong and enterprise channel also to scene segmentation, provide solutions for different procurement scenarios, realize customized procurement, covering office life, employee welfare, market activities, customized gifts, corporate travel scene etc.. At the same time, commercial flagship store settled in Jingdong enterprise channel, to ensure that the products provided by the professional attributes. Jingdong enterprise channel continued professional standards, provide inexpensive high-quality products for the enterprise, according to the analysis, big data has long specialized insight provide exclusive procurement solutions tailored for the enterprise, for the enterprise to solve the problem of purchasing.

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Jingdong (JD.com) is China’s leading self operated electricity supplier companies and China’s largest Internet companies income. Jingdong is committed to providing consumers with the best online shopping experience. Through the rich content, human nature of the site (www.jd.com) and mobile client, Jingdong with a competitive price >

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