Nanning part of the courier companies to increase the cost of Taobao sellers said the pressure

pro, don’t bargain on freight, we store to express freight prices! "Recently, many network operators received some courier companies notice of price increases, rose to 1-3 yuan per. April 13th to 15, the reporter visited a number of courier companies in Nanning learned that the current pass, rhyme and other courier prices have been, other courier companies said the future or will increase the courier costs.


shop seller’s shipping expensive!

Nanning people on the Internet opened a company called "orange apricot" shop, the main types of t-shirts. She learned from their cooperation with STO salesman shortly before the next single courier to collect more 2-3 yuan. "Within a day of intangible loss of dozens of dollars ah!" in the face of rising courier fees, Ms Chan said the pressure. Ms. Chen said, his shop every day trading volume of freight up dozens of single, now, they do not dare to easily pass the costs to consumers, "I worry about the impact on customer purchase".

"freight has gone up, but the price of our home thing does not rise." Taobao online, one from Guangzhou called "die _ _sha" network said, from the beginning of March at the end of a courier company courier to improve their seller. "Up 1 yuan, not much, but also within the scope of what we can afford." Therefore, despite the rising freight, "_sha said _ die" has yet to be considered by the increase in commodity prices to cost sharing. "If the freight up to unbearable, we will explain in the home page!"


Yongcheng some courier prices


shop seller freight rose, whether the person sending courier costs will be followed by "gone"? 13, the reporter visited the Yongcheng number of courier companies understand that the current Shentong rhyme express company has raised the prices of oil and other courier, due to the cost increase.

13, reporter to be sent by courier to Liuzhou on the grounds, in consultation with the director of Nanning City Xinmin Road Yunda express outlets. "Now send to Liuzhou if not more than 1 kg, the price is still $8." See reporters hesitate, the official said that the current price is the preferential price. "You don’t send now, after the May 1st price." Rhyme express, west area customer service staff said, some time ago due to refined oil prices rising, increase the company’s cost of transportation, rhyme express decided to first send express fee increase 1 yuan. The original area sent courier first 11 yuan, is now $12".

yesterday, the reporter also consulted the pass, Shen Tong courier company. Through courier company manager Wu Nanning said that although the company headquarters has not received notice of price increases, but the future price is likely, "many courier companies to the price, we are almost the same." The STO Nanning branch of the east area of the customer service staff told reporters that the current STO continued heavy costs have risen, just two days ago to get the company

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