Beijing cross border electricity supplier platform officially launched overseas purchasing two days

morning news (reporter Liu Yang) yesterday, the city officially launched cross-border e-commerce public information platform, which will greatly improve the situation of consumers through electricity suppliers to buy overseas products, such as bitter. When the products pass across the sea, public information platform has good clearance formalities online, once arrived in the city, you can find out the electricity supplier of the goods from the massive two-dimensional code based on the parcel, sent directly to the city’s logistics.

public information platform is responsible for the development and construction of the system by the Beijing customs, relying on the system, the electricity supplier overseas purchasing goods, have a two-dimensional code identity, full control. Relevant person in charge of the customs, now more and more consumers choose overseas purchasing, such as milk, wine and other luxury goods, but due to cumbersome customs clearance procedures, consumers need a long wait, wait one or two months is commonplace, sometimes not even need to determine how long. Through the two-dimensional code, overseas purchasing goods on the road, the customs can handle customs clearance procedures. Online clearance, usually only one or two days. In this way, the goods arrived at the Airport Express Center, you can directly sent to the city logistics.

the person in charge, every day there is a huge amount of goods to reach the Express Center, simply can not sort out which is the electricity supplier, which is personal. Two dimensional code can accurately identify the identity of the goods, automatic sorting, the electricity supplier goods together, unified procedures to achieve rapid clearance. In addition, in terms of exports, due to the past can not distinguish between electricity supplier goods, electricity supplier companies are difficult to enjoy the export tax rebate policy, but through public information platform to enjoy this preferential policy.

it is understood that the platform with the release policy, qualification, goods declaration, customs clearance audit and data sharing, and other public services and regulatory functions of customs clearance, provide registration, certification, three single information exchange, networking and other electronic customs clearance customs clearance service to participate in cross-border trade of e-commerce enterprises and consumers of all kinds, pre classification, pre price, pre inspection, standardized reporting clearance compliance of pre service and online logistics, online payment, estimated taxes and other business support services. The platform is completed before June 31st test run, July 1st will be fully open in the city.

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