Amazon founder Bezos innovation need to endure long term misunderstanding

lead: U.S. tech blog SAI, author Jay yarrow (Jay Yarow) yesterday published the article said, Amazon founder Geoff Bezos (Jeff Bezos) in a speech about the classic saying: "innovation willing to be misunderstood for a long time."

is as follows:

I never thought Geoff Bezos was a great orator of exciting.

obviously, he is super smart, wrote a letter to investors in general are very beautiful, but he runs Amazon’s wonderful speech video, I remember never seen.

yesterday, I saw a video of him on Twitter, and then read it many times. In this video, his speech is inspiring and infectious.

he joked that Amason half luck and half by the time remaining on the "wisdom" (that is to say, don’t need wisdom).

then, he seriously said that due to the early success of profit, people suspect that Amazon, Amazon also thick skinned.

, then, he said: "innovation needs to be misunderstood for a long time. When you do what you truly believe in, good people will doubt your efforts for a long time. When they received criticism, you first need to ask, are they right? If yes, you will need to adjust their actions. If you believe that they are wrong, you need to be willing to suffer long-term misunderstanding."

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