The value of the community remains to be difficult to determine the prospects for electricity provid

each reporter Guo Rong intern reporter Chen Pengli from Guangzhou

for electricity providers to enter the community, the industry’s point of view is not the same.

e-commerce observer, Wan Qing consulting CEO Lu Zhenwang believes that the electricity supplier in the community only need to do the logistics, the other is not needed, "everyone has a mobile phone now, online shopping can all the time, why do you want to shop online shopping?"

Lu Zhenwang said that he was not too optimistic about the "Hey", because in the community, clothing, 3C product experience value is not obvious, the residents to experience clothing, can be directly to the clothing store experience, "Hey" the launch of the experience and failed to bring much value for the store, "not to open a shop is O2O" Hey, I feel there is no value "."

currently hey off mostly to send and receive courier business based. "To do express business to open a shop, the cost is too high, it is put fine timber to petty use." Lu Zhenwang pointed out that because of the "Hey" usually store decoration is very good, the area is not small, than an ordinary SF distribution point of the cost at least 5 times higher.

for the parcel collection point, Lu Zhenwang believes that many of the community service center has "points" function, it’s very hard to set up a collection point in the supermarket, because the supermarket is very much, the electricity supplier in the integration of these supermarkets also need to spend a lot of energy, is very difficult, "there are many different brands of domestic chain supermarket, Ali, Jingdong and other electricity providers are going to talk about cooperation, to direct integration, I feel is not a simple matter."

talked about Kara shop treasure business model, Lu Zhenwang pointed out that this is the first one in Japan in 1990s, but now this value does not exist, because everyone has a mobile phone, you can buy directly in the mobile phone.

he believes that in the community, electricity providers can do a good job of logistics and distribution, and there is no concept of electricity supplier community."

Guangdong province

network association secretary general Huang Zirong pointed out, "Hey", "treasure shop" is not the electricity supplier company cut electricity supplier in an attempt, the scale is not large, it is difficult to judge the future success of the community, but the electricity supplier, will have great value for mining.

Huang Zirong said that SF’s biggest business is commercial rather than express courier, electricity supplier business accounted for the proportion of the total amount of SF business is very small, "" Hey "is currently in the country less than 1000, the scale is small, the development time is short, it is difficult to define the pattern of success."

Huang Zirong pointed out that Kara is looking for path into the business, but it is actually a service provider, the future of online shopping can become the main business of lakala also remains to be seen.

Huang Zirong said that the electricity supplier layout points, is the integration of the use of community resources. But the actual number of landing points rarely, system docking, integration process will be very long." But the community is of great value for electricity providers. "Because, from the trend, close to the customer, for the customer.

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