Community electricity supplier return to the source point of the new business journey

Abstract: the commercial world is not new, some new concepts if unraveling analysis, can be found from the past in a commercial society with cases.


business world is nothing new, social electricity supplier in fact is the same, this is a return to the business form.

The ancient

goods through the world commercial society

over marketing and the concept of first time, many things are complicated, despite some concepts and innovative advanced business model, in order to completely understand clearly the concept of community electricity supplier, we have the time down to push back thousands of years ago, a look at the ancient commercial society is what.

stays in the portal of the ancient commercial society Sensen technology, each group has a unique skill of occult themselves, the use of the Internet it is based on the concept of their content, is the foundation of their commercial value has been established. Stand over the whole range of the business world, the content is not limited to an article, an audio or video and so on, can provide any appreciation and value of the carrier for the audience can be called content.


only has natural content is not enough, from the perspective of "capital", the content is only the carrier of value, to give her the exchange value to economic activities. In ancient times, there are two main characteristics in the commercial world, that is to say, the marketing and regionalization.

There is a point and now

is very similar to the ancient town of self-employed business society, that most people do not have the concept of marketing, they do is "business, foundation of this business model is the existence of social economy. They are based on the quality of the content, paved with a good reputation, through human relations to maintain their own business, which is the origin of the ancient business, but also the Internet era of the earliest model of community economy.

In addition to

marketing is not popular, a major feature of regionalization is the ancient commercial economy, in the information today are far less developed in ancient times, commercial pattern is fragmented, which leads to the same product in different places value is completely different, basically the more far away from the production price is higher. The ancient commercial society is also derived from the profit space.

commercial society extreme fragmentation led directly to the business flourished, the ancient merchant is basically divided into two categories of traders, such as Shen Wansan rich life’s dream is to be able to do the goods through the world. With the adorable teeth and the total economy of capitalism and the growth of the outbreak, with the support of the financial system such as banks have gradually emerged, and then the concept of goods through the world of huitong. Combined with modern share economy, social value is the ultimate dream of the commercial world.

word of mouth is the oldest social media tool

said earlier that the ancient commercial society is based on the content, in the process of social development, some people meet the needs of people as

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