Suning electricity supplier strategic error decoding open platform why there is no hope

September 12th, Suning Electric big day investment conference held as scheduled in Beijing water cube.

Liu Qiangdong said the platform decided to life and death, Suning also attaches great importance to the open platform strategy. This is not surprising, B2C founder of Amazon, the turnover of 40% from income from more than 10% open platform, open platform, Amazon’s storage and cloud services are based on open platform. Simply put, there is no platform to subsidize profits, pure B2C integrated platform is difficult to profit, or limited profit imagination. Platform is the trend of the integrated platform


but can Suning do a good job?.

in fact, as early as 2011 Suning launched an open platform program. In early 2012, BELLE will have, where the customer as a strategic partner in. Now go to Suning search, long gone. Because the analysis of Suning open platform, these three have visited the exchange. If you pay attention to this, this open platform conference, the three should not attend. Why strategic partners are not optimistic, do you think it is worth it? In this gossip a half a year ago, the reasons why the three have quit.

1 technology is too hard, too difficult to dock (such as goods upload trouble, the need to manually upload a one rather than the system automatically docking);

2 business process cumbersome, abnormal return delivery must have trouble (Suning a hand, whether the goods or return, and many return all settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. Of course, the experience is also very poor, because more than one hand, very slow speed;

3 flow order is limited, waste of manpower (Suning flow are not enough, coupled with the platform has just started, the order quantity is too small, the input output is too low);

4 no financial check, is not always made, and of course this is technology related, in addition, although a variety of fee is not received Suning platform, but the account period is too long.

some people say that there is no three, there are more businesses. In fact, I would like to ask, even strategic partners are not going to go down, and other small sellers will be able to toss up?

as a platform for the operation of genetic problems, more virtual, but also more realistic problems. Because of this many people will criticize the Jingdong platform, Taobao is the second culture, service culture. In the Jingdong platform, second is the uncle, superior, this is the marketing of retail gene, negotiation, zero sum game. Suning must have had it!

Jingdong, although not a listed company, but there are still published data open platform. Jingdong open platform on-line in October 2010, the current number of sellers on the platform has been close to 3, about 11 million varieties of goods. 2012 Jingdong platform turnover exceeded 12 billion yuan. Accounting for 20% of Jingdong revenue. Suning emphasizes so optimistic about’s open platform, please disclose your data, whether it is real or exaggerated. "

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