The name costs billions of dollars from Hunan to Zhejiang satellite TV Alibaba said to double eleven

from the beginning of 2009, double eleven as Alibaba’s annual carnival has come to the eighth year.


last year, Ali launched the first attempt to double version of the show, Feng Xiaogang served as director, many stars have appeared for the endorsement of the product platform, "house of cards" President Kevin · Spacey also appeared at the party. With the entertainment + electricity supplier interactive way, this evening party has received nearly 100 million viewers. A fact and allow businesses and Tmall are popular, the party continued in 3.5 hours, double the eleven topic attention degree and store traffic has been rising. For example, Amber Kuo appeared only 3 minutes at the party, Han beam shop traffic surge of 200 thousand UV.

tasted the sweetness of the Alibaba intends to double the eleven party this year to try more new gameplay. Recently, Tmall and Zhejiang satellite TV official contract, which became the 2016 Tmall double carnival night, the official cooperative television platform 11. At the same time, Shanghai Jahwa has also confirmed that the group to take "billion yuan investment grade Tmall 2016 double 11 carnival night" exclusive naming rights.

this year, the Alibaba set up the cultural entertainment sector, Youku, Ali Ali pictures, music etc. business conducted through Alibaba chief marketing officer Dong Benhong says this means there will be more resources to support the double 11 party from the group level. In addition, Ali will be in the live and interactive technology level to do more innovation, remove the last year by a shake out, will also introduce new ways of interaction, such as "cross screen into the store" and "instant interaction". Specific details, Ali did not do more to disclose, saying it will gradually exposed.

in cooperation resources, Ali will be revealed in the evening the golden four "1 minutes" period, respectively, in the global consumer double 11 global businesses and global public welfare organizations, and dual 11 ecosystem "free to play videos for 1 minutes, the only prerequisite is to have a table in the creative. In addition to the "exclusive naming rights" double 11 will also select two "special cooperation brand", an "interactive support brand" and several "brand partners" — the two "special cooperation brand" have been identified belonging, soon will be unveiled. Ali said, as of now, thousands of brands are working with Ali to discuss cooperation matters.

grab exclusive naming rights of Shanghai Jahwa is a private Shanghai cosmetic brand, Liushen Florida Water, Herborist and GF are the company’s product line of nissan. In the last year, Shanghai Jahwa is the first appearance in double eleven party business, data show that Shanghai Jahwa’s all brand (including Herborist, GF, Liushen etc.) exceeded one hundred million yuan in 2015 double 11 total net sales, compared with 2014 11, an increase of more than 300%.

As for the reason to

billion cost exclusive title, Shanghai Jahwa said with the company’s current business strategy to tilt and >

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