Taobao upgrade consumer protection services into 9 days of goods can return more than 7 days

NetEase Francisco March 13th news, today, careful consumers can be found in many product pages on Taobao online to start a "7+" style logo, which said that this baby shop where will provide consumers with new services, more than seven days, consumers can still enjoy the return service".

with immediate effect, seven days and more than seven days return service will be widely spread in the Taobao store, the baby will be marked on the relevant and 7+ logo, convenient for consumers to identify and select. From yesterday’s test until today, on the first day of the identity of the emergence of nearly 15 thousand Taobao sellers have committed themselves to apply for up to 15 days and return service. There are 3 million 860 thousand goods set up more than 7 days return service.

in the next March 15th, the new version of the "consumer protection law" will be formally implemented, seven days return is one of the highlights of the new consumer law concern. Taobao today also said: it is due to the improvement of the law, in order to further ensure the integrity of the online shopping market and healthy development.".

it is understood that the Amoy line trading platform including Tmall, Taobao, the previously relevant content according to the new consumer law and regulations made the corresponding provisions of the network transaction management and implementation.

Now the

logo, consumers can at the Taobao search page, shopping cart, order confirmation page, security card, shopping security and other pages can be viewed to support 7 and 7+ logo to help consumers more clearly their own interests. Among them, the 7+ logo, currently covers 8, 9, 10 and up to 15 days return time commitment, can be set by the seller. Super voluntary standards for businesses return policy is not uncommon, the reporter learned from Taobao, from the start of the test yesterday until today, mark the line on the first day, nearly 15 thousand Taobao sellers active commitment and application to provide up to 15 days return service. There are 3 million 860 thousand goods set up more than 7 days return service.

according to the contents of the new regulations, shall comply with category 7 days return policy, including apparel, digital products, home textile Home Furnishing and other popular goods, they are marked "7" logo, and these businesses can choose whether to provide a higher level of long return. Currently supports the "7" and "7+" logo shows the number of goods has reached more than the total number of more than 90%, and is still increasing.

according to the provisions of the new consumer law do not support the 7 days return "category, the next page will have a striking single word, drew the attention of consumers. And such businesses if you want to provide better service, but also through the platform to set up a transaction contract initiative to provide return service.

, however, some sellers also suggested that in the case of providing new services, if there is a malicious return this situation how to do. In this regard, Taobao responded that Taobao’s existing processes essential to maximize returns and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the seller and the buyer, the seller return process in case of doubt can apply for the second intervention.

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