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users through the circle of friends to be careful when shopping

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mobile phone online shopping by 60% circle of friends cooked into new areas

recently, a reporter from the association and Chinese Electronic Commerce Research Center interviews found that, compared with last year, the mobile phone online shopping has become the hardest hit new complaints, especially WeChat friends shopping, fake, fraud, emerge in an endless stream gathering does not deliver goods, difficult issues such as return. According to the latest data released in 2014 China’s online shopping, in 2014 China’s online shopping users reached 361 million, mobile shopping users up to 236 million.

however, behind the mobile phone online shopping online shopping complaints is the hurricane was the explosive increase of hidden dangers, "swindling" transactions frequently exposed rights difficult. Text / Guangzhou Daily reporter Feng Qiuyu

mobile phone users last year,

grew by more than 60%

days ago, China Internet Information Center released the "thirty-fifth Chinese Internet development statistics report": in 2014 China’s online shopping users reached 361 million, mobile phone online shopping online shopping mobile phone users reached 236 million, a growth rate of 63.5%, is 3.2 times the network shopping market overall user scale growth rate, the proportion of mobile phone shopping an increase of 13.5 percentage points to 42.4%. 2014 mobile online shopping market size of 861 billion 700 million yuan.

, however, with the increasing number of online shopping users, consumer complaints online shopping is also increasing. According to the association before the bulletin shows that last year the National Association Organization accepting the remote shopping complaints reached 20135, which accounted for 92.28% of online shopping. As a result, online shopping complaints on average about 50 pieces a day.

according to the National Association Organization accepting complaints statistics, last year received a total of more than 61 pieces of consumer complaints, complaints, quality issues related to the most, accounting for 45.8%, customer service service issues accounted for 17.91%, accounted for 12.97% of the contract.

circle of friends cooked into new areas

compared to a few years ago online shopping experience "hard rights", 2014, domestic mobile online shopping rights are facing more complicated situation, especially with the rise of WeChat "circle of friends", the new "consumer protection law" the lack of practical operational details as well as the electricity supplier oligopoly trend and strengthen.

WeChat "swindling" transaction frequency exposure rights problem. According to the China electronic commerce research center monitoring data show: E-commerce from the mobile terminal (such as the WeChat App QQ mobile phone shopping, shopping, online shopping) and other rights of the emerging mobile online shopping problems become increasingly prominent, has become the third largest consumer complaints hot field after the traditional PC online shopping and O2O group purchase, the total electricity supplier complaints 11.01%.

China E-Commerce Research Center online shopping and rights experts said Yao Jianfang, mobile power >

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