Originally convenient off the fresh electricity supplier in the future

a lot of use was living platform users suddenly found that they had originally used APP getting out of convenience. Titanium media has some users also broke the news to the titanium media, open the platform to receive the following a similar notification information:

to the dearest user:


is it convenient to shut down


in the above notice page, the user has no optional goods, that is, the original will no longer provide convenient services. According to another part of the original convenience of consumer feedback, they had 1 months ago had received notice of the original life, said the original life will be to facilitate the original life of the merger of the two accounts".

this year, fresh electricity in dire straits, former by more capital favored (Dmall) level change, love fresh bee layoffs news. It is convenient as a O2O project was functioning, in this context, let many people doubt: don’t survive a year long "convenience" brand to be the parent company had abandoned the


titanium media reporters interview the person in charge of the original life, an unnamed staff told reporters: "originally convenience is not closed, but to" speed up "mode was integrated into the life of the B2C business, have convenient membership card, also all to have been living online."

2016 is originally life since its inception fourth years, the company has a strategic adjustment, the future will focus on the development of the B2C mode and P2B mode originally life network was originally fruit market and Fang three business lines. B2C electricity supplier morphology is the beginning of the birth of life there are some models, and P2B is originally living in the community for fruit stores and convenience stores purchase service products.

originally convenience is a O2O product life originally launched in August 2015, the back-end is originally living in Supply Chain Based on supply front for the C side for the store, the initial operation idea is "a part of self, the other part is to join"; according to the original commitment convenience services, consumers from the original convenience on orders, the ideal state of "one hour service" and that the "daily fresh platform of the bright younger generation and fresh" and similar, emphasize the efficiency of the logistics services of high.

founder Yu Huafeng was living in a speech on the celebration of four years when he said that his early years had been to visit the United States, the United States enjoys convenience store chain, he thought that the convenience store is reflected in the promotion of life quality. Originally the beginning of life was also the idea to do retail, but then the domestic B2C electricity supplier is in full swing to develop, and ultimately did not choose to take the form of physical store.

but do the electricity supplier of fresh category, the difficulty is relatively large, the industry after groping, the formation of several modes of operation: for example, like the orchard every day, initially to overseas car >

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