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domestic Internet is probably such a state, which saw the giants competing to market together, will, even if it is not to make money is also the strategic defense, as the relationship between micro-blog and Sina Tencent micro-blog, although is not much successful works, but also effective for flow choke fans, in fact this practice it is vast, the giants are not bad money, others take the road to let others no way, this is they can do. Of course, if from the angle of market economy and this is normal, there is an industry which exists only in a business situation? So the market economy is bound to the existence of competition, otherwise there is no justice, not an industry money for a business to earn.

BAT fancy Dangdang books, not only books, and audio and e-books, a vertical industry will be able to do so much, how can the giants do? Seems to have looked at factors unhappy inside the Amazon, Dangdang only two years ago the banner against Amazon’s electronic book, other electricity providers even behind. Two years after they began to engage in business books, not just to compete with Amazon, Dangdang also with the competition, but the vertical started electricity supplier Dangdang which can have a BAT fight? But while Li Guoqing stood on the side of mouth of competitors and the board of directors under the pressure of increasing the clothing category, start platform. To make the merchants settled, however, do we know the platform platform is not easy, there is a feeling, it is the start category offbeat let Dangdang achieve the profit, but also meat chicken ribs, not


when the only way to get this way is really

?The poor profitability of

Dangdang, Dangdang Dangdang marginalized, then can only be acquired, which is the mainstream of current industry comments, then Dangdang really acquired? In this issue, in fact to say the profit, the real earnings of several domestic electricity? Li Guo has revealed that the Tencent to buy 33% Qing, Dangdang that is up to 25%, the share price fell to $8, once someone want to buy at 16 dollars, but Dangdang do not sell, Lao Li is a hard man, not only on the outside of their Tucao ruthless, is determined to go through it.

Another point is that

will not sell Dangdang, Li Guoqing said, the United States by company, Tiger Fund, IDG group, Luxemburg group, Cambridge Asian venture capital funds, these investment Dangdang investment banks in the wait-and-see, wait for a reason, is justified, they believe that Dangdang has the potential to to do better, but the current did not find a better model or profit.

A few things related to recent

and Dangdang, by the impact of CCTV exposure price return of more than 14; dangdang.com Henan logistics center to be expanded to 60 thousand square meters; with Ctrip, BITAUTO, cherished network vertical sites established UMA big data alliance; high threshold of free shipping Amazon and other electricity providers adjust when Dangdang contrarian lower the threshold of free shipping, books, Department uniform free international standard for the full 39 yuan to reduce free shipping.

reduced postage although some gimmick ingredients, significance is Dangdang layout >

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