Analysis the first micro business Han how far away from pyramid schemes

has experienced a fiery investment expansion, Han Liang claimed to have 100 thousand people micro business agent team.

"we don’t do first, who dare to do first". This is the Shanghai Han beam Cosmetics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Han beam) of the internal slogan.

and many domestic cosmetic brands, Korea and South Korea beam without any relationship, which is wholly domestic brand was founded in 2002, at present, in the official public number Han beam micro marketing ", Han beam claims to have" store shop 17000, Watsons and Darunfa channels such as 5500 stores. "And claimed to be" the first domestic e-commerce channels".


is more known as the "first micro business". According to Han Liang, vice president, Han beam micro business CEO Chen Yuxin claimed that since September 2014 to do micro business, Han Liang in the micro channel 40 days sales of one hundred million". This sales data for the last year to become the Korean micro channel overlord.

34 year old Chen Yuxin claimed to be derivative spokesperson, like most of the 80 public figure, it understands the Internet marketing thinking, know how to "hard-edged".

in March this year, the first derivative industry summit, Chen 5 million yuan bet to challenge the traditional electricity supplier, Chen to prove that micro channel is superior to the traditional electricity supplier channels, this is a game of traditional electricity supplier capital in response to spruce.

in fact, looking back on the course of the development of Korea, a huge amount of marketing and advertising investment has been around. Han beam in front of the TV shopping is known for a while, and claiming to be the first channel TV shopping industry sales". In 2013, South Korea denounced 240 million yuan of the title "beam" If You Are The One again in 2014, spent 500 million yuan "and" If You Are The One contract, the amount of television advertising Chinese refresh record.

South Korean official to die Zeit reporter confirmed that in 2014, the Korean beam invested nearly 600 million yuan in advertising, the sub brand of a leaf to reach $400 million, while in 2015 and in 2016 will be maintained at this level of delivery.

but on the other hand, the high investment and rapid expansion of the Han also brought many problems. According to the weekly Times reporter survey found, Han beam rapid expansion of derivative agent model, not only the existence of the agency took the price to the market price of 1/4 is not "price scissors" cost; micro business sales model also makes the definition of fuzzy, Han beam trick agent "to the increasingly close to the pyramid.

layers of distribution cost huge scissors

"from housewife to a monthly income of over 10000, I am very grateful." In the micro business is popular today, similar to the "successful paste" everywhere on the network, and to attract people to join them.

and after experiencing a fiery expansion of investment, South Korea claimed to have 100 thousand people in the micro business agent team. This is the basis of a large number of Korean agents to become the first micro business capital, but also brought a lot of problems.


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