Lazy idler apply Google Adsense account of several non conventional methods

many domestic owners say Google Adsense account is difficult to apply, in fact, very simple. This is not I scare some people, I know people, useful tools for more than 1200 Google Adsense, my account number is not in total, how many new confirmed PIN account to calculate each month.

domestic Chinese website, can do the best advertising, or Google Adsense, no one. Some people say that Baidu is also good, Baidu first price did not Google Adsense high. In fact, advertising or foreign companies, after all, you do $1000, in the country to calculate more, but in foreign countries to $1000 to A of piece cake!

of course, you do not cheat Google Adsense, said here is a violation of the terms of cheating, Baidu said frankly, anti cheating means a lot worse, especially if you meet in a certain amount, you almost do not care, after all, Baidu is a few hundred yuan disdain. In fact, Google Adsense to be honest, the program automatically click cheating tube more stringent, the other is loose, the more obvious is that you can put your Google Adsense code on any website you go, Baidu is not to do.

application Google Adsense account, if you use the following methods, you will find that the Google Adsense account is actually a batch.

method: using foreign to foreign address, address, and foreign telephone, you English station, just to find a data to be a foreign address, of course, is an English speaking country address, and then use the domain name box, almost immediately approved. At the same time than the domestic address to apply to the Google Adsense more than one benefit, you can park the domain name, because there is no more than a domestic account: Adsense for domains. Of course, I also have a friend with the Taiwan address to apply Google Adsense account, do not verify the site, you can use other people’s Web site to apply for Google Adsense account, and then use their own station code. Many people will ask, where can I find a foreign address to go to this era, a lot of people abroad, if even partners can not find, I can only say that is your own problem.

method two: use this URL:

point Apply Now, and then select No, I don ‘have an account, and then point Sign up a for Google AdSens> AdSense

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