The development of small and medium sized enterprises of electronic commerce must know some common s

is now small and medium enterprises to carry out electricity supplier business is simply a trend, even if the street inconspicuous small workshop, are likely to do the site. The hot E-business has penetrated into every enterprise bones. The reason to say so, because I had a network of Companies in a period of time to do a lot of sales, a lot of time with some business owners to talk about e-commerce, they immediately nodded, I have done the site."

so hear this answer always feel funny, from the site to the development of e-commerce is still a long way from the. Can be seen in many cases, they understand the e-commerce website construction. Some customers have little understanding of the electronic commerce, but on how to carry out, or clear the doorway. So I’ll tell you about the small and medium-sized enterprises to carry out e-commerce should have some common sense.

first, the enterprise itself has the ability to carry out e-commerce

many people think that the cost of e-commerce is relatively low, in fact, otherwise. Many enterprises in the development of electronic commerce will be mentioned a word "burning", yes, this is almost a common problem in this industry. No matter how much your output ratio, you first need to burn to pave the way. Search engine PPC, keyword advertising, social media promotion these need to invest a lot of money. So before do electricity supplier, those small and medium-sized enterprises mister to think clearly, have certain advantages in capital let yourself in the hot battle if the odds, talent shows itself, it is another way to take a circuitous tactics it.

second, select the highest cost of the third party e-commerce platform

just said that if you are positive but those big companies, then I suggest you choose a cost-effective platform for website promotion. Third party platform is not good or bad, only suitable for. Baidu traffic is big, everyone wants to spell the first page, but you have to know, spell Baidu home really fit for yourself. If the Internet received a single business is not enough to promote the cost, then I advise you to give up earlier. Do not choose your choice of the right, so you can choose a relatively good reputation, the service is more homogeneous third party website platform, if your product is very professional, I suggest you can promote the industry platform. Otherwise, in the comprehensive investment platform, it is easy to buried in the mass of information.

third, website information above the business opportunities in time to transform

platform for small and medium enterprises selected, it is necessary to take full advantage of. General website normal update, will receive some customer message or telephone consultation. Maybe you usually busy, the phone did not receive the message, do not see, customers in contact you, not timely respond to circumstances, will contact the next to your competitors, maybe these details will make you lose a single business. So you must make full use of the conversion tools. For example, chat tool QQ, MSN country, often check the site background message, the phone to keep smooth, these are to have. Details sometimes determine success or failure

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