Jumei com and news group cooperation in the integration of third party logistics self

[Abstract] jumei.com official said, in addition to working self mode, the future does not rule out the United States open distribution system may. Tencent technology month on October 28th reported

today, the vertical business platform of jumei.com and the Beijing daily group (hereinafter referred to as the Beijing News Group) Company signed a strategic agreement, the two sides will cooperate in the field of logistics, distribution, electricity providers, large data analysis etc..

so far, jumei.com will use the news group in the Beijing area network and equipment logistics, asset light of self distribution. This is jumei.com through the integration of third party logistics redundant resources to new initiatives to improve logistics.

right now, in the distribution sector electricity supplier industry, there are third parties and self built two models.

The so-called

third party model, refers to the electricity supplier company through third party courier companies (such as one of four) for the delivery of orders, but there exists the problem of low efficiency and high quality of staff, uneven in quality fees, courier companies lack of capacity; the so-called self mode, is the electricity supplier in the self distribution coverage of the area, with the company’s own distribution order employees, but this mode needs to spend a lot of manpower, material and financial resources, the majority of the electricity supplier companies to bear.

jumei.com’s new "cooperative self distribution" of the new model, jumei.com provides a single stable, partner with self distribution standards, industry distribution system, the use of self-developed jumei.com suits, tricycle, POS machine, sharing logistics related resources dry feeder transportation, site store, courier package with the United States company.

through cooperation, jumei.com can give news group stable orders, help the newspaper group released a part of the operating pressure, and the effective release of the part of the newspaper orders decreased year by year, to bring pressure on the cost of operating a distribution team newspaper. For jumei.com, and distribution, the company existing logistics and personnel settings, without purchasing heavy assets, can reduce the cost of enterprise.

it is understood that the logistics mode of cooperation, jumei.com will take Beijing area as the first pilot self distribution, Shanghai, Tianjin, Xi’an, Chengdu city has been basically completed preparations, is expected soon to United States local customer service.

jumei.com official said, in addition to working self mode, the future does not rule out the United States open distribution system, and cooperate with more traditional enterprises.

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