The domain name transaction sequence of events

sold for a long time, but recently someone asked me how sold it. I’ll take the time to say a little bit of it.

05 in the second half of the year has found such a navigation site, then the domestic navigation website is not much, just a handful of the two, and the 123 navigation network is one of them and is one of the earliest time, domestic hao123 officially hit time. The domestic understanding of this area is not a lot of people. The first 9123 network on the site’s domain name is full of curiosity, why is the 9123 navigation without domain (it later in Chengcheng blog learned that has already been registered), immediately went to, and found a movie website and content for a long time did not update, this time in my mind it took the idea of generation.

06 years on the eve of the Spring Festival on the contact the original owner of the "Texas", through MSN chat several times, always talk about the other I am satisfied with the purchase price, the price is 20 thousand. At this time I was in a hesitant phase, in the end is to buy or not to buy. First of all, if only the domain name from the view of investors, the actual value of the name must be 10 thousand to 15 thousand, also need to consider is that I took in the end can be sold, can not sell a good price, which for me is the most important. Because can sell how much money directly depends on the buyer can afford the price range, and the buyer only 9123 navigation network can give a better price.

so at that time my primary task is to study the development of the video industry, and the future trend of the industry to make a general forecast. Again, the core members of the 9123 network to thoroughly study, when it was mainly to understand the founder of Cheng Cheng Cheng, some of the work experience and team situation 9123. Both of them give me the conclusion that 9123 navigation network will be successful. After the success of one hundred percent to recover the real 9123.

after all the analysis, and decided to "drive" decision, finally by 18000RMB (high current price) to buy

later buyers contact me, of which the highest to 8000 dollars, I have been refused, because they are not true buyers, but make people.

a few months later that 08 years in February, I and the original founder of the 9123 navigation Cheng signed a contract to sell, this domain name will never belong to me (before the successful navigation of the $2 million 600 thousand financing $9123). A lot of people want to know how much money to sell in the end, signed a confidentiality agreement signed by both sides, so it is not convenient to disclose!

a lot of people

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