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we consider the essence and the success or failure of the commercial standard in the network, in consideration of our pursuit of the goal and the daily work of the answers to these two questions is only one, everyone’s reply basically is to make money or profit, no matter what you are due to come online business, but we eventually we are hoping to achieve value through a way of how to embody the real value, superficial view is that you have no money, what are you doing business success or failure. The importance of logistics in e-commerce has been quite obvious. B2C, C2C these platforms are far from logistics, and an industry if it is very dependent on an industrial chain, then this product chain can also be good or bad about the development of the industry. Below is for in today’s network status of the logistics industry, symptoms and finally how to prevent and solve the problems for a detailed analysis.

logistics status – pivotal

logistics plays an important role in electronic commerce, in the B2C industry chain, logistics is a very important position, whether the customer is in the online browsing, online inquiries, online payment and so on, these processes must be done after he had such a process of logistics distribution, can put the goods to the customer, so that logistics plays an important role in such a B2C of this industry chain. Logistics in the C2C industry chain is also like B2C, we posted on the website of the seller through commodity information, let the customer see after the purchase orders, customers may pay by third party payment platform such as online banking, Alipay this way, but we do for shop owners must choose a good cooperation partner is a logistics company, such a process to complete the transportation of goods distribution. In the network business if we do the logistics work is not perfect, then it is possible to get customer feedback, there may be good or bad feedback, so the customer can accept some of us, we are very happy this is not good, it will directly cause the difference in assessment, there is no chance to customer the difference in assessment of the logistics company, but can give directly to the seller in a bad review, so that our customers will in the seller’s evaluation which gives a dissatisfaction for the logistics company.

back symptoms

once the customer to logistics delay and discontent discontent, how should we solve? Such as delivery period is too long, courier service attitude is not good, such a situation, we must first appease customers, with the courier company to the customer at the same time to apologize to the relevant departments to reflect the logistics company, they make timely rectification. When such disputes, the most important thing is to not let herself so that the first to have enemies in front and rear, side to appease appease customers, we can wholeheartedly to the logistics company to solve these problems, so that they don’t appear similar situation. There may be accident and lost. If the goods in whole or damaged, lost, how are we going to do? To take preventive measures in the pre delivery, packing.

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