The ninth annual meeting of Online Retailing Mobile providers can not

December 5th news, the Ninth China online retail annual meeting held yesterday in Chongqing century Jin Yuan hotel. Conference on "how can the real economy to business" the theme of the annual meeting, respectively "situation: OK?", "electricity industry: OK?", "mobile providers: can we?", "online retail: will?" and other topics were discussed and pragmatic exchanges.

, the shop steward CEO Liu Yi, Wang Tong Wang Changfei, co-founder of the new shop seven days CEO Zuo Yingjie, Quartet information technology group CEO Luo min, zuiun Zhirui CEO song "Feiyu mobile retail scene, can bring the industry upgrade?" this topic wonderful interaction.


, zuiun Zhirui CEO Qu Feiyu pointed out that the traditional brand enterprises most habits and good things will be made out of products, the advertising hit out. But when the electricity supplier to the Internet, these companies are facing, before you do not need to go directly to the consumer, but now they need to use electricity providers to communicate directly with consumers to communicate. The three is the most simple way: the first is WeChat to build their own public number; the second is based on WeChat, electricity providers, retail channels based on the original line, a third team is remodeling; outsourcing implementation, set up in this area, the ability to personalized and accurate service.

It is reported that

, zuiun Zhirui is Ruijin Lin brothers. In early 2014, China’s brand to provide an integrated solution for the transformation of the Internet business model. He served in the Zhangzidao group, COFCO group, Lenovo Group, Shell group, YOUNGOR, Mead Johnson music and electronic communication, Internet, food, clothing, and other maternal clients.

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