Price war to promote the industry reshuffle Gome Suning negative impact

Tencent finance comprehensive tonight is destined to be a sleepless night, both for the Jingdong, On both sides in order to work hard for tomorrow’s price war, Gome (micro-blog) also can not stand the loneliness, a high-profile announcement tomorrow 9:00 onwards, the price of electronic mall across the board is lower than 5%." So far, this round of electricity supplier price war between white hot.

Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong (micro-blog) in micro-blog announced the immediate "Jingdong mall all everybody electric price than Suning Gome (micro-blog) 10% cheaper", then and micro-blog said, "all the products price will be lower than Jingdong, Gome is through the official blog made" all 5% lower than the Jingdong "promise. Micro-blog experts on the matter and what comments?

electricity supplier industry is facing reshuffle business model needs to be improved

is the same as the electricity supplier website Dangdang CEO Li Guoqing (micro-blog), said: it is a gimmick, online electricity supplier than other people’s physical store line price, what price war ah. Gome Suning online electricity supplier parity Dangdang publications and department stores are cheaper than the line below the store 10–35%."

Li Guoqing think about the electricity supplier price war: the two quarter of this year, the electricity supplier price war fierce, the three quarter will not terminate, but not compared to the two quarter of fierce fighting, threatening more violent price war but the electricity supplier is the promotion of the gimmick. The reason is that the majority of the electricity supplier quickly burned capital, and huge loss of money to support businesses rely on and suppliers is a dangerous game, a merchant and supplier runs to enable enterprises to ruin.

Han hung investment founder Li Tao believes that Jingdong and Gome electricity supplier war. The battle is still serious?? the other is torn underwear? Or torn his disguise? Is a pure price war? Or sacrificing the quality of service value added? Please wait and see! The first not to comment, perhaps is the commercial revolution.

Chinese blog Godfather Fang Xingdong (micro-blog), so that the electricity supplier price war to come more violent! This war is not the price and profit of the contest, it is better to say that the Internet model and the traditional model of the decisive moment. Will Chinese e-commerce was born leader billion level, the seats are waiting for the. Liu Qiangdong want to sit, Gome Suning is not easy to promise. This price war, called the fate of both sides of the battle of the future, whether it is affordable or enlightenment, to consumers is a good thing!

for the electricity supplier’s business model, Peking University scholar Kong Lingtao believes that Jingdong, Suning, Gome arena Three Musketeers fight in the end is what? Of course is the most affordable price of our people! Is there really no other fight? You may find the company idea, we really do not want to see. Several national enterprises only this massacre! Business model really needs to be innovation and improvement.

wealth will fellow chief economist Wang Liang also said that Suning and Gome if not what disruptive innovation tactics, is a dead word test, Jindong >

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