The Jingdong licensing pharmaceutical business feast open

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for the third party trading platform, Tmall Jingdong, over the years has been wandering in the drug online trading margin, but perhaps since 2014, will be able to do their own right and proper online trading.

a close to Jingdong, the pharmaceutical industry told the Economic Observer newspaper reporter, Jingdong has received third party pharmaceutical service transaction certificate.

Jingdong official response to the Economic Observer newspaper reporter said, is currently active in the application, with the Jingdong electric technology and brand credibility, and the city is building a professional Jingdong medical compliance and drug delivery to the service system, and the "chain drugstore door fast delivery of the user experience, great hope.

is not only the third party trading platform, which is for the pharmaceutical chain enterprises, but also an exciting thing.

but this is implied in the Jingdong, once the open platform and pharmaceutical City dual sector run department will soon be the winner. According to the national health industry planning, the future of the pharmaceutical market share of 8 trillion. This year, the amount of transactions in the OTC channel will reach about 200000000000, this figure does not include health care products. Pharmaceutical electricity supplier feast has just begun.

Medical Museum bumpy road

in the "licensing" before the Jingdong in the industry the most interesting topic is the Jingdong original medicine city marketing director Shao Qing’s departure.

Shao Qing appeared in the Jingdong and Kyushu cooperation, he was sent by the representative of Kyushu, Cui Wei on behalf of Jingdong. In February this year, after the withdrawal of Kyushu, Jingdong CEO Cui Wei medical city called Shao Qing et al, a Jingdong of medical city, the end of August this year officially launched.

Shao Qing has 8 years of experience in pharmaceutical electricity supplier, in the eyes of the field of medicine, he is very understanding of medicine, know how to move the Internet operations." Cui Wei in the Jingdong had worked in multinational pharmaceutical companies, now has two to three years of experience in the pharmaceutical business.

perhaps due to the employment relationship in Kyushu, Shao Qing was recognized by the industry more people. With his departure, the uncertainty of the future of the pharmaceutical industry, the industry has become a topic of concern.

in the industry worry medicine city in the future, Cui Wei have action, recruiting, reconstruction team. This is a series of action behind the fast Jingdong internal departments fighting, related medical city "survival" – first to get permits, after is an open platform with".

get third party pharmaceutical service transaction certificate, is a key factor in the pharmaceutical city can be on-line trading. Therefore, the Jingdong since February of this year and the Jointown boundaries, one thing is to make a great effort to get permits.

According to Shao Qing

, the food and drug administration to release the online sale of drugs, but that can not control the situation after the opening, fake rampant inevitably threaten the life.


food and drug administration psychology, Shao Qing and Cui Wei launched the O2O model, namely the chain stores on the fast delivery, regional development. That is, under the line of large chain pharmacies, Jingdong online sales >

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