Honey bud teamed Baidu to create a mother and child electricity supplier ecosystem

recently, Baidu 2016 Investment Summit held in beijing. The summit to open and win-win theme. Baidu CEO Robin Li delivered a speech on the topic: "we want to link people and services", and praised the honey bud in all the highest share in the electricity supplier. Summit site, honey bud CEO Liu Nan was invited as a representative of Baidu’s investment representative speech, triggering concern.

Robin Li and photo

is the second maternal electricity supplier development opportunity

CEO honey bud Liu Nan first introduced the second development opportunity for maternal and child electricity supplier. She said that every newborn born Chinese accounted for 12% of the world’s proportion, behind not only contains the children’s consumption, household consumption growth is more, the trigger, let the children to family consumption.

Liu Nan pointed out that in recent years, the mother and baby industry has changed a lot, the most important is the need for a variety of categories, because the demand for a variety of categories will drive demand for long tail category. At present, all the diverse needs of the mobile terminal era, the era of new consumerism upgrade was excavated, and all maternal and child supplies are respected reputation. The scene will drive demand, the activation of non-standard products to the industry has brought a very big imagination.

honey bud from the highest purchase rate of human consumption

at the summit, Baidu without arousing suspicion, praising the "Honey bud is the highest in all the electricity supplier purchase rate". So, what is the secret of this repeat purchase rate?

in this regard, Liu Nan said that as the global provider of high quality and inexpensive goods, honey bud is imported maternal sale, so is the asymmetry of trade flows, come in, sold to consumers at a very reasonable price, let the cheap imported brands, which forced domestic brand upgrading, call for more enterprises to get market electricity supplier mother bigger and stronger.

at the same time, the honey bud or family consumption sharing. Honey bud establish a reputation position — honey bud ring, let mothers put more parenting scenes shot down and share out, will be more parenting goods directly share out label, consumer purchase conversion; and the composition of the editorial team by the mother, to write to each commodity honey bud view. It can be said that the honey bud hit the "human" brand: not cold with the attitude of the sellers, but recommended. These ways to firmly adhere to the consumer in the bud of this platform, the final purchase rate of all China’s electricity supplier in the first place.

honey bud choose Baidu, fancy multi interface

from the beginning of last year, vertical maternal and child industry and cross-border electricity supplier industry access to capital sought after. Honey bud as a double tuyere fast company, continue to lead the new direction of the industry. In fact, after the D round of financing honey bud, the industry gave up on the United States together Liu Nan, Jingdong and other electricity providers to reach out to the olive branch and choose Baidu not its solution. In this regard, Liu Nan said that the choice of Baidu is because the mother and child is a very multi interface areas, can be connected to the medical, under the education can be connected, the left hand to the supplier

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