China’s first domain value forum will be held in Beijing in September 26th

      Washington, by the domestic professional domain information exchange network hosted the 265 meter statue website, network, GZ.COM, renamed China and AnySo and many other well-known websites with domain name value Chinese first forum will be held in Beijing hotel in the afternoon of September 26th. There will be Cai Wensheng, Wang Huainan, Yao Jinbo, Su Yang, Liu Yan, wheat and other dozens of Internet Celebrities attended, there are nearly 200 domain name application and investment fans to the scene to discuss the value of the domain name in the actual applications and value-added services.

      it is understood that the second meter statue of network domain name auction will also be held with the Forum on the same stage, the auction will have more than and 30 quality domain names, among which, and etc. domain name spelling, more easy to remember the number of domain names, will also rumors auction.

      according to professionals, the domain value is divided into practical value and value-added value. Applications are mainly used for web sites, blogs, personalized e-mail and personal resume and other Internet services, and domain name parking and domain name investment for the appreciation of the value of the direct profit and domain name added value.

      domain name personalized application cases are more, there are domestic blog world, my territory, and other sites to provide users with their own personal space or personal forum to bind their own personality domain name. The domain name collection and investment is a very mature industry in the world, even will have high value of the domain name to the bank mortgage, in addition to respect m network, including domestic and renamed Chinese (eName) so many websites provide domain name online exchange service.

      domain name is a domain name service, reasonable use of natural flow and create a valuable service, we can not and will hold its own domain to make money to the station’s parking site, the existing domestic and renamed China and many other sites offer this service.


      network (, meter statue was originally called "win at the altar of rice", is one of the largest domain information exchange website, website, domain name, domain name, domain name news archive, domain knowledge and a number of domain experts online professional service; has been successfully held in Beijing in August 18, 2006 the first domestic large domain the auction, the total turnover amounted to about 1300000.

      GZ.COM, China’s largest brand domain name investment institutions, customers, including international venture capital institutions and many leading industries in China

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