Electricity supplier to sell the fund will soon be on the line traditional sales agencies or revolut

after several comments, the Commission formally issued the "Interim Provisions on the administration of securities investment fund sales institutions to carry out business through the third party e-commerce platform" (hereinafter referred to as "Regulations"), and from the date of the enactment began. This is one of the last batch of documents Guo Shuqing signed before leaving the chairman of the commission.

theory, from this week, the fund company has all may use electronic business platform selling products. However, the "First Financial Daily" to understand, even for the earliest taobao.com, also need to the CSRC for the record, and then with the funds to carry out docking system, store renovation work is completed, the fund is expected to officially opened the Taobao store.

industry is expected, the first batch of Taobao stores or in June this year, opened in 5.


fund company "electric shock" is one of the fund’s initiative to promote progress over the past period of time. From brewing to the official opening, the fund company spent more than a year from the sale of e-commerce fund, which the Commission has 5 times to seek industry opinion.

Commission’s move is to increase the sales channels to solve the fund company due to the excessive concentration of sales channels in the bank led to a high proportion of trailing commissions, high cost of fund sales. How to fund sales institutions with e-commerce platform for the development of the business, the Commission more emphasis on risk prevention and other issues, the specific business model has not been specified.

"management regulations of some of the more malleable provisions, no restrictions and fetters details, leaving space for subsequent innovation." Celestica Fund chief marketing officer Zhou Xiaoming believes that this reflects the fund department more open-minded attitude.

Celestica fund’s attitude towards e-commerce has been more active, it is likely to become the first batch of funds in the Taobao shop.

after the first securities company Tmall store in the wake of the local securities regulatory bureau for the record has been officially opened, although the approval procedure is simple, but considering the management of investors, securities e-commerce is not allowed to sell financial products, but sales information and financial services. The provisions of the management did not fund the company’s products to be specified, all raised products can be sold through the electricity supplier.

, however, the fund may be based on their own product characteristics and strategic positioning to focus on certain products recommended. Zhou Xiaoming said, the customer is the common characteristics of the third party business groups, according to the characteristics of this kind of customer, should focus on the promotion of simple and clear fund products, fixed income products such as risk return characteristics significantly.

multi platform development

had previously brokerage, insurance companies, respectively, in Tmall shop, participate in Taobao, Juhuasuan, etc.. According to a person close to Taobao, the fund may be the first company in Taobao shop.

before Taobao is responsible for the fund business. Ali is ongoing

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